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Video: Curtis & Val Kilmer’s Gun Trailer

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19 Responses to “Video: Curtis & Val Kilmer’s Gun Trailer”

  1. Nah'sWhiteboy Says:

    Looks terrible

  2. NovemberEnd Says:

    Straight To DVD….

    it looks like it will be a hella entertaining tho

  3. b-ease Says:

    Imagine Ross actually signing Kool G and puttin out a collabo mixtape/album.

    This, this, this, this.

    With a couple beats from Hav and Alchemist???Game over.

  4. Brooklyn Strong Says:

    Later for this MUNG-KEE. He got NO Swag (c) BAWSE!!!

  5. Mr. Freeze aka Muffler Lungs Says:



    did this nigga just bust (n) a .50 cal at some fools? lol

  6. Eastern_Digital aka Nahright's Fantasy Football champ Says:

    i’m cookin a brick which is my signature dish
    tryin to feed all my niggas this Colombian fish

  7. samsohn Says:

    looks ill…are you guys seriously saying you wouldn’t roll one up and smoke on to this flick?…shit reminds me of those ill dmx movies from like 7-8 years ago

  8. Fresh Day Says:

    @samsohn Yeah, 50 wants to be like DMX, no doubt

  9. the TK 781 Says:

    GUN>> Get Rich >>>>Home of the brave

  10. Rome Says:

    Looks dope.

    White girls >>>>

  11. ItsMe Says:

    lookin pretty good

  12. De_Here Says:

    Curtis getting billing over Val Kilmer…how the mighty have fallen

  13. Branson_Blunts Says:

    For a “gangster” Curtis always shoots his piece like a bitch.

  14. De_Here Says:

    For a “gangster” Curtis always shoots his piece like a bitch.



  15. rrahha Says:

    shit looks hard…

  16. 7v5a7 Says:

    Good, I needed a new coaster.

  17. Skywalker Says:

    This looks like it’s horrible.

  18. spirit equality Says:

    a movie called gun?

    what’s next, a movie called sex?

    hollywood has hit the bottom of the barrel.

  19. Polka Says:

    Show some courtesy Curtis.

    Stop with the movies, make an album like Get Rich or Die Trying. Or better.

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