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The Cool Kids – Tacklebox (Mixtape)

Tackle Box

Something to hold you over until the When Fish Ride Bicycles LP.

Download/tracklist after the jump.

Download: The Cool Kids – Tacklebox (Mixtape) | Megaupload

1. Fishing Lessons (Produced by Chuck Inglish)
2. Flying Kytes (Produced by Chuck Inglish)
3. Freak City (Produced by Chuck Inglish & Old Young)
4. Neat ft. Tennille
5. Going Camping (Produced by Chuck Inglish)
6. Volume II (Produced by Chuck Inglish)
7. Birthdays (Produced by Ski Beatz)
8. Great Outdoors (Produced by Chuck Inglish)
9. Strawberry Girl (Produced by Chuck Inglish)
10. Systems (Produced by Chuck Inglish)
11. Good Afternoon (Produced by The Productionix)
12. Parking Lot (Produced by Chuck Inglish)
13. Summer Nights ft. Tennille (Produced by Chuck Inglish)
14. Los Angeles Leakers Outro (Produced by Chuck Inglish)
15. Gettin’ Flick (Produced by Chuck Inglish)
16. Volume II (Remix) ft. Like of Pac Div (Produced by Chuck Inglish)

Props to illRoots & the Los Angeles Leakers.

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37 Responses to “The Cool Kids – Tacklebox (Mixtape)”

  1. Get Murked Says:

    Act II
    Greatest Story (N)Ever Told
    When Fish Ride Bicycles

    …just sayin’

  2. Rod Says:

    * clicks download *

    * Remembers past TCK mixtapes and Bake Sale *

    * Listens to Tacklebox *

    * Awaits great things *



  4. APES IN SPACE Says:

    link no good errors when unzipping

  5. Shooter Says:

    Chuck >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mikey

  6. Rod Says:

    Chuck >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mikey


    Chuck=Mikey *fixed*

  7. ant Says:

    ill pass

  8. Shooter Says:

    this tape is a snooze-fest

  9. chop Says:

    this shit aint unzippin dude

  10. Deen Says:



  11. NovemberEnd Says:

    Jaydolf Spitler, Rap Hitler, One Man Militia…Burning niggas alive with the scripture

  12. Cashmere Cavalli aka Snowbunny Sampson Says:

    what is up with the fish references?

  13. rex hussla Says:

    # chop Says:
    May 31st, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    this shit aint unzippin dude


  14. verses Says:

    # chop Says:
    May 31st, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    this shit aint unzippin dude


    oh. shit.

    Think before you type ‘dude’.

  15. Shooter Says:

    lol @ Deen

  16. Hopp Says:

    I tell you life ain’t shit to fool wit’ …

  17. APES IN SPACE Says:

    this cant be as borin as that Nick F shit……i had hopes for it too but so far

    Season Premiere<watching tumbleweeds form

  18. kevfresco Says:

    this is the bizness.

    cool kids>clipse

  19. APES IN SPACE Says:

    kidz in the hall>cool kids

  20. Alpha Says:

    this shit aint unzippin dude


    *throws yellow flag onto the field*

  21. b-ease Says:

    0 mins ago
    kidz in the hall>cool kids


  22. ant Says:

    pac div > cool kids



    Chuck&Mike > Cool Kids

  24. PW Says:

    chop Says:
    May 31st, 2010 at 11:50 pm
    this shit aint unzippin dude

    Flagrant 2.

  25. Lelan Says:

    Man its been a good month for music. Had to come out of commenting retirement for a second.

    New Em, Drake, Royce da 5’9, Kanye

    Nah Right???!!!!!

  26. Hopp Says:

    Let’s see what June’ll look like now … Couple albums coming out …

  27. Lelan Says:

    I think ems gonna out sell drake

  28. Shooter Says:

    kidz in the hall>cool kids

    what were u thinking?

  29. D Assassin Says:

    this shit dope, nice work cool kids!

  30. Ace Ventura Says:

    The thing about the cool kids tapes is that you don’t even know you like it when you first listen to it, it takes a few listens to sink in

  31. APES IN SPACE Says:

    cool kids beats>cool kids rhymes

  32. WULU Says:

    Something to hold you over until the When Fish Ride Bicycles LP.



    you mean its not a myth??

    *scratches WFRB off the Detox “in yo dreams bitch” list*


    “Going Camping” has quotables on deck

  34. dave Says:

    I use to be a big cool kids fan
    but after listenin to a few pac div mixtapes.I gottta say

    pac div>cool kids

  35. 7v5a7 Says:

    cool kids>clipse


    *is there still a suicide doctor available?*

  36. Ronny Goines aka the Clown with the tearaway face Says:

    *gets high*


  37. Nah Right » Video: Ski Beatz & Mikey Rocks In The Studio Says:

    […] Creative Control shot some footage of Ski Beatz & Mikey Rocks recording “Birthdays,” off The Cool Kids’ just-released Tacklebox mixtape. […]

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