Video: Rick Ross – Money Maker (prod. Boi-1da)

Off the Albert Anastasia EP that dropped earlier.

Download: Rick Ross – Money Maker (prod. Boi-1da)

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67 Responses to “Video: Rick Ross – Money Maker (prod. Boi-1da)”

  1. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    Niggas up north act like they aint got accents and shit..smh


    maaaan. i can’t bear to listen to a deep boston accent. white or black or w/e.

    all that cah, bah, and fah shit drives me crazy.

  2. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    but i think that Teflon Don ( ‘ll be ) > Deeper than rap ! so
    I don’t but I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

  3. LaneKiffin*CainSniffin*LaneSwitchin* Says:

    word… i knew this chic from Pascagoula Mississppi that used to say BYUR-ick, instead of Buick …


  4. Cashmere Cavalli aka Snowbunny Sampson Says:

    How is Kool G Rap still this nice? Wow.

    yea this Knife Fight shit is dope

  5. landlord Says:

    Haitian (Kreyol) Accents >>>>

  6. Macson Escobar Says:

    ross understood the entertainment game

    pure beats, dope lyrics

    plus a promo for his ish even if it’s a free mixtape

    see he will drop at least 3 very good n clean vid (even if it’s internet videos thus it means cheap without a great concept but it iz what it iz, it’s an internet mixtape also) for his EP, before his album !!!

    since Trilla… rawse has this progression

    and Teflon Don will be a his momentum

    i really see a classic album. his one

  7. Cashmere Cavalli aka Snowbunny Sampson Says:

    LOL Ross stole the No Limit soldier beat from TRU 2 Da Game

  8. Macson Escobar Says:

    imagine after teflon don

    another great album

    wit ross ft rakim

    ft big daddy kane

    ft krs the blastmaster one

    he already got g rap for this Knife fight

    i can see that, he’s smarter than people think..

    he knows when a song iz crazy. he knows when a song iz for a ep or a lp

    ps: few months ago, he said that he wanted rakim for a feat ! so
    (he said that on mtv)

  9. Macson Escobar Says:

    he knows how to put an old school leader on a great ish
    he knows when a verse iz dope even wit an old timer
    so i can see rawse brings that old flava to 2012
    he respects the hiphop history and knows it
    so all iz possible. but first, teflon don LP !

  10. vcsom Says:

    The beat bangs and the flow is immaculate. This is music.



    How does Rick Ross getaway with playing both sides of the fence?

    Is he going to be a thug or a cop?

    Back in the day, it was fuck the police.

    Now they cooperate with them.

  12. sharksbreath Says:

    Macson Escobar:

    Get those Rawse nuts off your sundae.

    %Far as Gotti. He’s Bama. You see the video when the cops pulled his tour bus over.

    I haven’t heard that many yes sir, no sir’s since Roots.

    He sounds like he’s screaming a third world language when he raps.
    He definitely rode the short yellow bus with the red helmet to school.

    I just can’t listen to rappers who don’t have a basic knowledge of the English language.

    I refuse to dumb my self down.

  13. top ramen shotta Says:

    lmaooo @ the ciroc promo at the end. oh rawse, what have you done?

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  17. Says:

    this shoulda made the album . mc hammer and bmf are thesame . its dumb . mafia music 2 dint make it either

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