PIC: Cracked Out Curtis


This can’t be real right? That’s gotta be Photoshop right? Who loses that much weight and doesn’t die?
This pic, from US Weekly, shows Curtis after he lost 60 lbs for his role in the film Things Fall Apart. Seems like a pretty big commitment to make for a movie that you know is going straight to DVD. What is it with this guy and his dreams of being a big movie star anyway? You suck at acting Curtis, get over it.

Spotted @ ThisIsBooBoo

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217 Responses to “PIC: Cracked Out Curtis”


    eats>>>>ears…. But Mike Tyson eats ears…

  2. Whowantwhat Says:

    Actually your on his cock since you post his every move and now he’s my hero. You a corny nigga. Your advertising dollars are suspect. You barely have ads? You the mad nigga that’s why you hate so much. I’m not a lil kid or keyboard gansta and if a nigga so corny why you post everything? I got love for Nas, Lox, Jay-z, Dipset so nigga please. But if you think I’m a clown I’m in Hollis now and can check you anywhere in NY talking that kiss a dick fag shit. Soft ass blogger!

  3. Goods Says:

    Don’t forget RZA in the rappers turned competent actors sweepstakes.

  4. yahright Says:


    Dude look like a cross between Dave Chappelle and DMX

  5. DW Says:

    Wow you really pissed niccas off with this post Eskay. When the goal is to get hits on the site, it’s hard to deny that it worked. Congrads. Stop hatin tho my ninja, rent is due next week and most muthafuckas got enough problems. Just the music please!!

  6. chris mellows Says:

    fuck 50.. he will flop in the movie business just like he did in the music industry.. now 50 go apologise to jay and kanye and you might get some fans back you punk

  7. MC Says:

    youre a clown. so anything any black man does is ok as long as it gets them a check? get a grip on reality son.

    Da fuck?!? You act like this nigga’s sellin crack to children.

  8. BooBoo Says:

    my man

  9. u funny. Says:

    why anybody would spend their time defending a rich guy’s right to get richer while disrespecting an artform. eskay.


    yet u disrespect gggNaS.. all the time? …….. chumP.

  10. famz Says:

    lol eskay gettin bodied on his own blog


  11. clubba lang Says:

    All I can say is damn ..gotta respect Fif’s grind. He’s definitely not afraid to try something different and this picture proves that. I KNOW he ain’t doing this for the sake of making some scratch…he’s already obnoxiously rich. As far as his acting skills go…. I don’t think Denzel or Will Smith are looking over their shoulders.

  12. Wakher Flocko COIS Says:

    eskay hates on curtis like if he was curtis”s baby momma. ur man hove didnt want it with fif. but thats ok cuz its hove and ur buttcheeks clench and release for him… hater.

  13. Blakoholik Says:

    juelz need to holla at this nicca, skull gang

    ROFL *dead*

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  15. moresickaMC Says:

    lol eskay needs to let o of his 50 hate. eskay jus meet with the man and stop throwing shots frm a distance like a lil bioch

    if u have beef with 50 why not officially declare one on the dude and stop b*tching

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