Doey Rock ft. Raekwon – Sunset Strip

CD100 MC Front Cover Rewrapped

I’m not really familiar with Doey Rock other than that he’s from Sacramento and is signed to Sick Wid It, but this shit is pretty dope.

Doey Rock ft. Raekwon – Sunset Strip

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8 Responses to “Doey Rock ft. Raekwon – Sunset Strip”

  1. SilkCityP Says:

    This is dope… Always good to hear an MC from a random spot like Sacramento spit on a beat that isn’t traditional for that region… Wish more MC’s would do that

  2. DW Says:

    Isn’t that E40’s son? Seriously I think it is.

  3. Jdizzel3000 Says:

    40 does have a son that raps …Droop-E ..but doey is allways comin with some quality work

  4. DJ Cable Says:

    Dope. Nice verse from Raekwon too.

  5. MillerTime Says:

    Any song with Rae on it is filth seems like

  6. BMORRIS Says:

    No bullshit, I’m cooking Salmon & Rice right now…and they I played this song…SMH…..Was just listening to Rae on XM 66 too. Quality.

  7. jcrillz Says:

    Sacramento has a lotta cats that can spit. Doe’s considered a veteran in Sacramento. Check out Illecism & Delorean.

  8. Blowstaxx Says:

    Breakfast Clubbin,,, this kid is very saucy. Nice!!!!

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