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Video: Jackie Chain – Haze

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14 Responses to “Video: Jackie Chain – Haze”

  1. esteeminatti Says:

    I must be gettin old becuz THIS sounds like SHIT. Glad I’m not a teenaged trendhumper.

  2. kingp Says:

    nah this can’t be real

  3. Nah'sWhiteboy Says:

    This nigga a faggot

  4. Instru-mental Says:

    This nigga ain’t even a nigga and neither is you cracka, but s’all good cause you my nigga wigga friend, we all black within

    * does nas impression*

  5. deltron d Says:

    yo.. jackie chain go hard

  6. deltron d Says:

    yo.. jackie chain go hard

  7. extraextra Says:


  8. Mailer Daemon Says:

    im feelin it! its fresh!

  9. fuck this Says:


  10. fuck this Says:


  11. Da Says:

    what the shit?

  12. jamesprescott Says:

    nah b nah b

  13. mistahzee Says:


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