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Tek – Hold Yuh (DJ Delz Remix)

Smif N Wessun’s Tek throws a verse on Gyptian’s Nicki Minaj collaboration, for his Rhythm & Block mixtape with DJ Delz.

Tek – Hold Yuh (DJ Delz Remix) | Mediafire


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2 Responses to “Tek – Hold Yuh (DJ Delz Remix)”

  1. sealsaa Says:

    sensistar Says:

    May 23rd, 2010 at 8:56 am
    sealsaa Says: You have the nerve to correct someone’s post while making your own grammatical error.

    Then to top it off you make a statement that reflects complete ignorance when it comes to music.

    “Tupac didn’t like alot of people, most of whom could rap better than him(Big, Nas, Prodigy, Jay, ect.).”

    1. “ect.” WTF is that. Did you mean Etc. The abbreviation etc or ETC may stand for: et cetera.

    2. Saying any of those rappers are better than Pac is just stupid.

    Like you trying to correct someone while your making your own grammatical errors.

    Stop it before I destroy you.

    You do realize you named 3 fantasy rappers. Rappers that rapped about situations they never experienced.

    No wonder you like Ross.

    1.*jordan shrug* A typo between 3 letters. Eat a dick, and make a plate to take home for your mom’s.

    2.The Infamous>>>Tupac’s best album
    Reasonable Doubt>>>>Tupac’s best album
    Ready To Die>>>>>Tupac’s best album
    It Was Written>>>Tupac’s best album
    Illmatic>>>>Tupac’s top 3 albums

    3. I’m assuming that the “fantasy rappers” you’re refering to are Big, Nas, and Jay, all of whom, despite your stannery could have lyrically eaten Tupac, and you know it.

    4. You’re defending this nigga’s credibility? The same nigga that didn’t “have a record until he made a record”? FOH. He didn’t become a “thug” until he singed to death row, and jumped neck deep into Suge Knight’s shit, and got himself killed.

  2. PW Says:

    That Jon Hope dude is pretty decent.

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