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Dolla – Role Model


Dolla’s friend and DJ Shabazz, pictured above with Dolla, just sent this unreleased song in light of the 21 year old rapper’s killer being acquitted of murder charges.

shot dolla in the back 3 times on camera and walked away free. only thing we can think of is that the jury heard dolla’s lyrics and really took the “gangster, pistol poppin lyrics” literally.. but that doesn’t justify dude shooting dolla 4 times and then turnin and shooting at me and his other brother 6 times.. we were unarmed and he unloaded a whole clip.. this is bullshit so im leaking this track. Dolla- Role Model. they wanna talk about all the negative lyrics.. well heres some uplifting positive shit..

I can’t say I was familiar with dude’s music while he was alive, but AHH is reporting that even the Deputy District Attorney said that the jury’s decision might have been influenced by the VICTIM’s rap lyrics. That’s some of the saddest shit I’ve ever heard.

Dolla – Role Model


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11 Responses to “Dolla – Role Model”

  1. Hopp Says:

    Damn, that’s crazy. Crazy.

  2. Blanco Says:


  3. ri067953 Says:

    Nah, that ain’t crazy or sad. This just goes to show how when you speak about all that negative bullshit, it can come back to haunt you. If you wanna portray that gangster image then you gotta be able to take the bad that comes with it.

  4. carbyne Says:

    man, dat aint right. i wd say gas dat nigga but it aint even bout dat. da track do slapp doe. SOX GANG and R.I.P Dolla

  5. Tenacious The Tablist Says:

    @ri067953 you speak as if he deserved death for his lyrics. Now that is sad and crazy.

    As for the whole case I thought you weren’t allowed to be in a jury if you know the plaintiff or defendant?

  6. RL Says:

    @Tenacious I am sure they did not know the plaintiff or defendant, but they probably listened to his music and youtube videos, then made a decision based on those things.

  7. sensistar Says:

    Tenacious The Tablist Says:
    May 23rd, 2010 at 4:49 pm
    @ri067953 you speak as if he deserved death for his lyrics. Now that is sad and crazy.

    As for the whole case I thought you weren’t allowed to be in a jury if you know the plaintiff or defendant?

    I don’t think that’s what he was trying to say. Look at this way. Lets say a white rapper who’s a racist has albums where he is killing black people.

    Which is exactly what most black rappers do now a days anyway. That’s another story I’ll touch at the end.

    Lets say the racist beats up the black guy. They see each other a week later and the black guy kills the racist and says it was in self defense.

    Now the jury looks at the racist songs.
    Look at how he feels about black people. He wanted to do me harm. He already did. So when he approached me I let him have it.

    Now ask yourself.

    Would you feel for the white rapper. Now replace dollar and all his violent music for the racist.

    With the way most of these rappers talk about our own community and the things they do to destroy our communities i can’t tell the difference between them and racists.

    They both want to do us harm. The white racists is not doing the most damage. It’s our neighborhood friendly rapper being used by the white people to deliver death and destruction to our own neighborhoods. With a black face on it. Imagine a white guy was spitting the raps most of these violent rappers do. Would you except it.

    Now ask yourself. Who’s the biggest threat to our own communities.

  8. The Nicest Says:

    cmon now basin a judgement off of lyrics where is the justice..his lyrics dont justify someone killin him I dont understand this verdict at all..ya he talked about the gang lifestyle but that doesnt warrent bein killed..this case need to be retried

  9. kedordu Says:

    ‘ he talked about the gang lifestyle but that doesnt warrent bein killed’.. thats what got him killed unfortunately.

    dont act like u surprised . its been happening for way too long for anyone to be shocked at this .

  10. The Nicest Says:

    Im sayn who the fuc cares if he talked about it thats not a reason to kill someone and this fool caught on tape needs to do his time..the shock comes from dude bein caught on tape and not doin time cuz dudes lyrics depicted a certain lifestyle thats not an excuse to kill someone..

  11. ri067953 Says:

    Bottom line is, nobody knows what was going through the jurys mind when they gave the verdict. However, you do reap what you sow and that is the bottom line. Nobody says that this dude deserved to be killed but how is it crazy or shocking that he was murdered? You live a life that revolves around negativity and death, then you put yourself in the position to have your life taken.

    What is crazy is that niggas know where gang banging and slanging gets you, yet they still choose to do it, not because they have to put for credability, money, hoes and clothes. And if you spitting about that on your record, don’t be suprised when somebody puts you to the test or pops you.

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