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Uncle Murda – In The Paint

Damn this is gully juice. Body count: moderate.

Uncle Murda – In The Paint


Shout to Fred Bear

Previously: DJ Suss One ft. Uncle Murda, Cassidy, Joell Ortiz, French Montana & Vado – That Work (For The Streets)

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24 Responses to “Uncle Murda – In The Paint”

  1. landlord Says:

    Black Brokaw Says:

    May 21st, 2010 at 2:10 pm
    big boi got more money than you and still can actually get a job flippin burgers…that’s talent


    son, if you didnt constantly live to comment at me using 4 other different screennames, i might respond accordingly… but since you dealing with that, ill let you fight amongst yourselves …

  2. Joe 88 Says:

    Gully Juice?

    You need to spend more time in the c-section fam

  3. strongarm Says:

    Repost & Edit

    Max B. & Uncle Murda are in TOP 20 DOA
    *straight face*

  4. MiamiDaze Says:

    murda muzik

  5. landlord Says:

    word… wtf is a gully juice?

  6. Cypher Says:

    Damn this is gully juice. Body count: moderate.


    Dead @ gully juice

    Also some niggas look like bums no matter how they dress

    How uncle murder and 40 accomplish this is beyond me

  7. Black Brokaw Says:

    haha nice retort. I am Boosie! you paranoid moron

  8. strongarm Says:

    gully juice = a pleasant cocktail of Little Hugs juices, “horny goat weed”, and MD 20 20

  9. DC (District of Chase) Says:

    *File not found*

  10. Cypher Says:

    I know you online eskay…. What is gully juice?

  11. NovemberEnd Says:

    niggas running out of adjectives….

  12. Black Brokaw Says:

    I am nestle snipes too and whoever else you think i am you tinfoil fedora wearing homo

  13. 007 Says:

    Uncle Murda album droppin. 2000neva

  14. strongarm Says:

    this nigga SK looked in the hood thesaurus.

  15. Joe 88 Says:

    still smh @ “gully juice” that shit just sounds mad homo.

    sounds like a concoction niggas in rikers made for penetrating thug niggas asses easier. (pause)

  16. 007 Says:

    Dat nigga look like E. Ness

    And why all the files never found?

  17. landlord Says:

    Black Brokaw Says:

    May 21st, 2010 at 2:16 pm
    haha nice retort. I am Boosie! you paranoid moron


    no… you’re whoever i say you are… because you only exist here, when i allow you to … you have nothing else going Son(s) … my comments dictate your daily thoughts … been that way for awhile… its documented Fam…

    there’s your breath for the day… now scram…

  18. Cypher Says:

    NovemberEnd Says:
    May 21st, 2010 at 2:19 pm
    niggas running out of adjectives….


    Sounds like a insult… I read gully juice and thought garbage can juice

  19. hl Says:

    Niggas need more dun language and or slang prostitution.

  20. iKeepsIt100.com Says:

    Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaast New Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk!

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  22. Los Says:

    how son isn’t on G-Unit is beyond me. only label that will mesh with and market the aggressive content with any measurable amount of success

  23. Quinn Essential Says:

    Are Uncle Murda and Tony Yayo related?

  24. dale Says:

    new york rapper + 808s = FAIL .. NY will never have another relevant artist as long as mimicry is the M.O.

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