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Crooks & Castles x Vado x Vault x Goliath


Crooks & Castles is hosting the first in-store on their East Coast Tour at Vault on Thursday night. Details above or here.

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2 Responses to “Crooks & Castles x Vado x Vault x Goliath”

  1. Bricktop Says:

    dead prez combine conscious rap with a little bit of obnoxious shit.
    nope. the one dude looks like a crackhead. i prefer lyrics from the crack dealer’s perspective, not the crackhead’s. Earl Simmons and Ol’ Dirty are absolutely the only exceptions. and both of them were violent and ignorant as fuck. i’ve got a Dead Prez album sitting right in my Itunes library that i’ve never played, and probably never will. if i was still in college, that shit might appeal to me. but – as a grown man – i just have an easier time subscribing to thoughtless ignorance than i do half-hearted bullshit hypocritical “lessons”. experience has taught me that there’s alot more thoughtless/ignorant motherfuckers in the world than there are truly intelligent folks. too many false prophets and dumb fucks who want you to believe they’re smart. ‘fuckouttahere!!

  2. I'M>you Says:

    I fux with Vado’s music. Dude is witty with his.

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