Video: King Driis (Idris Elba) – Hold On (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

Yep, that’s Stringer Bell Charles Miner Idris Elba up there and he’s dead serious.

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22 Responses to “Video: King Driis (Idris Elba) – Hold On (Prod. by 9th Wonder)”

  1. Beezy Says:

    My Boss to Russian Guy: Happy Birthday, Vlad.

    Russian Guy: In communist Russia, birthday has you!


  2. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    *Canal Street stare*

  3. sashaj Says:

    came across Raekwon’s Ice Cream video…classic…anyways around 2:21 Cappadonna can be seen rocking a Habs jersey? anyone got info on dat

  4. pay_up Says:

    somebody call Omar and shoot this guy down.

  5. Eastern_Digital aka Nahright's Fantasy Football champ Says:

    SMH…what’s good with the patois, String?

  6. Wallace Says:

    SMH…what’s good with the patois, String?

    a lotta black Londoners have parents from yard so we end up having some fucked up half way inbetween accent kinda like …whats that canadian rappers name?…not Drake

  7. bobbo Says:

    haaaah, this is stringer bell? heard this a month ago, had no idea.

  8. Wallace Says:

    …Kardinall Offishall kinda how his accent is fucked up

  9. B Sykes Says:

    featuring Shadow

  10. Jewtino Says:

    Strap Up.

  11. Chapzilla Says:


  12. rocstar Says:

    avon barksdale >

  13. Sincere Says:

    didnt omar and brother kill this snitch? dahwell..

  14. Sincere Says:

    oh wow hes really singing/rapping with a jamaican accent? wtf…

  15. Golden Says:

    I can’t believe NO ONE has even MENTIONED that 9th was/is doing this FUCKERAGE instead of LeftBack…ARE YOU FUCKIN’ KIDDIN’ ME?!

    I seriously don’t think i’ve EVER been more disappointed in music than I am right now b/c of this shit!…there was points I wanted to laugh like it’s funny but the fact that Idris is serious made me unable to do so…

    and above all – i’m not fuckin’ w/ 9th’s production NO MORE!

    *goes off to buy ANOTHER copy of LeftBack*

  16. Johnny Cadelco Says:

    What the fuck is this bullshit? Goes back to listening to ‘LB – Lovin It’

  17. Paul E Says:

    Stringer Bell is rollin in his grave.

  18. I'M>you Says:

    Respect to the brother for branching out and I’d listen to it before most of the Yung Money roster.

  19. Blacklion Says:

    “I’d listen to it before most of the Yung Money roster.”

    co sign

  20. isreal Says:

    c’mon son..get the fuck outta here wit that bullshit

  21. sean p 4real Says:

    emphatically 14 15

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