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Video: Agallah – Nova Scotia Fems

Props to Dallas Penn

Previously: Sean Price & Agallah The Don – Saratoga Ave Freestyle

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4 Responses to “Video: Agallah – Nova Scotia Fems”

  1. Rec Says:

    This goes hard (II)

  2. Mr. 23 Says:

    DAMN!!!! It does go hard.

  3. Branson_Blunts Says:

    I remember this fool when back in the days he dressed like a pimp cause thats what rappers did back then. I like this shit.

  4. Black Bully of Billyburg Says:

    This nigga playin air guitar … I seen this nigga in the spot and said “Peace to the GOD !” he was actin funnystyle … thatz why I don’t say whaddup to these rappin ass rappers cuz they make me hate they shit when i find out they some fugazi niggas !
    When u hear “PEACE TO THE GOD ! ” U respond accordingly !!!

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