Audio: Kay Slay Responds to Jay Electronica


So Kay Slay heard that segment of Jay Electronica’s interview with SpineTV where he speaks on RZA’s comments about Southern MCs and he took exception to Jay’s tone. And I can kind of understand that. When I first started this site it was right around the time that Jay-Z was still in retirement and Curtis was really the only NY dude making any kind of noise and the South was hands down winning the battle for rap supremacy. And within the rap universe there was just this general tone of hatred for anything even remotely connected to New York. And I understand why that was the case. New York artists, critics and fans had shit on the South, and other regions, for so long that it was almost inevitable that the hate would come back around. So me, I’m kinda like Slay in that I’m from New York and I don’t really take kindly to niggas talking shit about us regardless of whether that hatred was earned or not. And so I got extra defensive and I’d shit on Southern rappers that I saw as wack and I’d have these big long arguments in the comments with folks from the South and really in retrospect it was a big waste of time, but it served as an outlet for my frustration. All it really boils down to is regional pride and the desire to rep for what you identify with most strongly. And that’s really all this back and forth between Jay and Slay is about. The rest is just opinion. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. But because these are two strong willed dudes, people seem anxious to see this turn into something more than it really is.

This first clip is of Jay responding to Slay’s response to his SpineTV interview.


And here’s Slay’s on air response to Jay:


And as a bonus, here’s Jay spitting “The Ghost of Christoper Wallace”.


Props: Miss Info/Big Homie

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66 Responses to “Audio: Kay Slay Responds to Jay Electronica”

  1. RNC Chairman Michael Steele Says:

    # ineedm0ney Says:
    May 14th, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    im loving these statements eskay!



    Eskay doesn’t always get it right, but the longer posts are always thought provoking. More, please.

  2. vcsom Says:

    Eskay, file not found on the first stream there. fyi.

  3. khal Says:

    kay say sounds like he’s gonna cry

  4. Fyodor Drostoyevsky Says:

    Damn I laughed inside when he said Cory Gunz.

  5. Mac_Eleven Says:

    I see both sides. But mostly Jay Elects. NY cats takin his comment to heart cuz industry wise they been taking a L for awhile. But in the south cats can spit too…PS Jay Elects five artist would shit on all them cats Slay mentioned beside Kiss!

  6. Blacklion Says:

    how old is Kay??

    i mean a really…really?
    there was some emotion there….. someone needs to relax and get their sensitive vest Str8.
    seems like it boils down to some ole bow-down shit…..i can respect region reppin region shit but at some point..this shit is MUSIC …… MUSIC…. …WTF???
    dude over 40! should be able to decipher eloquently by now ….welcome back to the radar

  7. The Goodsounds Says:

    Fuck Kay Slay, dudes a washed up clown.

  8. spirit equality Says:

    kay slay automatically lost because jay gave out his phone number and address and invited kay slay to come address it directly with him as a man. instead of doing that, kay went to the radio. automatic complete and total L.

  9. tre Says:

    It’s hard to believe this is the same dude who was humbled when New York’s DJ Enuff played his joint on Hot 97. Kay Slay is right, why can’t he let it be?

  10. Suvio-Blue Says:

    i wouldnt call it an L, wouldnt even say the South was winnin, just more heard at the time…bottom line, they aint fuckin w NY no matter how u mold it…

  11. IN_SITE Says:

    sjit i understand bounce music and i dont think rza was talking about scareface 3 stacks goodimob etc and sjit when i first heard ying yang twins i thought they where slow yeah ……….. and right now gucciman an wacka and frenchi and shortylow i dont feel that sjit and they look slow to but i respected the hustle do but da music is kinda off wack

  12. Curt McGirt Says:

    New Yawkers are on some elitist shit especially when it comes to hip hop. Kay Slay sound like somebody stole his damn bike. I agree with Jay. NY niggas know they were talkin slick shit about the South prior to their notable success. Southern cats been called slow since whenever the fuck so the frustration is valid for any non New Yawker (I’m from the West (The Bay)). Kay’s defense is that he had various rappers that weren’t from the East rap for him and this and that and the third… OK? AND? I guess he forgot he works for a radio station that has a certain demographics in a media savvy part of town. Dont get me wrong, I fux with the lyrical raps from wherever but the East Coast bias is BS.

  13. NYHC81 Says:

    real quick question…im 28…im from NYC…who the fuck is Jay Electroncs? or whatever the fuck his name is

  14. mike Says:

    NY rap is awful

  15. Wakher Flocko COIS Says:

    Jay Electronica is entitled to his opinion, but at the end of the day when it is all said and done, he has blown up and caused an artistic buzz because he raps, thymes, writes, and talks like a NEW YAWKA. So he can say whatever he wants and vent about how the south used to get shitted on and all that, which is true. But his regional pride/bravado has been artistically compromised as his whole creative meta-narrative, sound, and swag is absolutely NYC–not down south. He didn’t make a name for himself sounding like master p or 3-6 mafia, etc.

    NYC is the mecca and fountain/cradle of the culture. And heads to need to understand that with this historical fact comes a sense of entitlement and privilege that may seem unfair at times. But it is just constructive criticism, albeit crass.

  16. Wakher Flocko COIS Says:

    and Jay…u sound like killah priest and nas put together….so dont say u dont rap “like nobody”… its not true.

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