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Video: Joell Ortiz ft. Novel – We Don’t Believe You (Behind the Scenes)

Another BTS clip from Joell’s upcoming video.

Previously: Joell Ortiz ft. Novel & Joe Budden – We Don’t Believe You (Official Behind the Scenes)

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10 Responses to “Video: Joell Ortiz ft. Novel – We Don’t Believe You (Behind the Scenes)”

  1. plug Says:

    whoever it was was a career thief

    dude broke my front grill to disable the siren

    broke the door handle for entry

    when the horn went off because I had it hook to the alram, he opened to the hood to disconnect the battery

    he was 93% complete

    he had the radio out and eq out…

    he even was able to get into my unopenable trunk ant get the amp and tv brain out

    what he didnt know was that RAMBO stays upstairs from me

    rambo heard the alarm and thought it was his

    he said he put on his pants and was outside within 2 minutes of hearing alarm

    dude tried to escape on bicycle with tv and amp

    rambo hawked him down and dude dropped the goods and escaped with minor injuries.

    shot outs to rambo…

  2. Rey Says:

    *daps “Rambo”*

  3. plug Says:

    dont they have those silent alarms you can put on your car that makes your key chain vibrate or something? i remember hearing about those…
    I had that but the keypad is broke. all I had was the normal one. I’ll be coppin another one and a backup battery tomorrow after I get another door handle and grill… I might cop the optumus prime grill since I gotta cop one anyway

  4. sleep Says:

    “As far as Jay, he’s a good friend of Pharrell’s and he worked with Jay recently. I decided, along with [Dr.] Dre and Pharrell, that being at odds with him wasn’t beneficial to what we’re trying to do in the future, so later for that.”(C) game

    Why did they have to tell him this. This nigga couldn’t figure that out. Maybe jim jones will figure it out too

  5. MiamiDaze Says:

    Another BTS clip from Joell’s upcoming video

    why is a second needed?

  6. Dewill Says:

    co-sign… but in reguards to the car? i mean if they break in and you dont know.. what good is a gun goin to do? i guess you could run outside afterward and let off a few rounds…

    lol…Word… Let them know u upset…

  7. G7 Says:

    >>why is a second needed?

    ^that’s an excellent question.

  8. b-ease Says:

    Rey Says:

    May 11th, 2010 at 11:47 am
    *daps “Rambo”*


  9. Shooter Says:

    dude tried to escape on bicycle with tv and amp


    lol & smh

  10. Nah Right » Joe Budden - OMG Freestyle Says:

    […] Previously: Joell Ortiz feat. Novel – We Don’t Believe You (Behind the Scenes) [Video] […]

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