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Video: Jeff Staple vs. FUTURA

Reed Space and Staple Design founder Jeff Staple sits down with grafitti legend and serial sneaker customizer FUTURA for one of is 1-2-1 interview sessions.

Spotted @ Play Cloths

Previously: DJ Neil Armstrong x Jeff Staple – Across Rue de Charonne

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20 Responses to “Video: Jeff Staple vs. FUTURA”



    em wearing gucci

  2. verses Says:

    The Hacked Emails That Expose Former Guru Partner Solar As the Most Evil Man In Hip-Hop


    *Salutes the anonymous hacker*

    Well done ma.

  3. SeniorCivilian Says:

    Random question, but is facebook down for anyone else?
    Also Solar is one fucked up guy who needs to be killed slowly and painfully.

  4. PW Says:

    is facebook down for anyone else?

    Not I.

  5. why? Says:

    Saw this on Hypebeast. The whole video has many good points and Lenny’s honest opinion on the Street wear and art game. Had to watch it twice to fully understand.

    *Daps Eskay*

  6. KingP Says:

    The cheated on wife ending is perfect

  7. Black Brokaw Says:

    for a kanye beat im so appauled is weak

  8. Black Brokaw Says:

    i think street wear is more accessible now because of the hipster movement but at the same time it all starts looking the same

  9. patron james Says:

    eskay always trying to post some gay shit

  10. patron james Says:

    eskay broke his arm at a concert

  11. g7 Says:

    >>Sheek Louch inks deal with Def Jam

    ^Louch can’t be serious. hopefully the dough is on point.

  12. g7 Says:

    DX review gave Distant Relatives 4.5/5. not bad.

  13. SeniorCivilian Says:

    # PW Says:
    May 10th, 2010 at 10:03 pm
    Not I.
    ^Yeah I think it was something to do with my internet. A few other sites wouldn’t load either but I cleared my cache and everything worked fine.

  14. Alpha Says:

    for a kanye beat im so appauled is weak


    Co Sig

  15. leonard Washington aka The Silky Johnson of nahright Says:

    i need a late pass on that wiz kush and orange juice… but that dom is still the mixtape of the year..

  16. The Truth... Says:

    That solar character better be hiding someplace good…..

  17. A Chick Says:

    Wow…4 the 1st ever NMC can’t leak that new Drake.
    That must hurt.

  18. JALbert Says:

    You’ve rapped about 2012, and we all remember Nastradamus’ Y2K theme. Would you call yourself an apocalypse theorist?
    The shit the Mayans was talking about and cities in ruins—you can’t ignore nature. I put that in “Land Of Promise,” ’cause I’ve been to Telon, Mexico and Tultitlán and looked at the pyramids and the calendar that [stops] in 2012, like, wow, what did they know back then? They had pretty sharp astrologists and scientists, so there’s something they’re trying to tell us, man.
    So would you say you’re a believer in 2012?
    How many times have they said the world’s gonna end and it didn’t? It’s just something that raises your curiosity. I’m not saying I believe and that this is going to happen. I’m just like everybody else. If it’s gonna happen, lets get it in before it goes down.


    Nas is the smartest dumb cat.

  19. KingP Says:

    DX gave Hip hop is dead and a untitled 4.5’s though

  20. Eviction Notice Says:

    Yo two albums that have been growing on me lately…skyzoos the salvation and as much hate as they get… that slaughterhouse album isn’t half bad…with the exception of budden on some tracks it goes kinda hard (nh)…any thoughts?

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