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Video: Fabolous – Tonight + Love Come Down (Teaser)

The fourth and fifth installment of “The Funeral Arrangements,” from his There Is No Competition 2 mixtape with DJ Drama,  which will both combine to tell one narrative.

Previously: Fabolous – Love Come Down x Tonight (PICS)

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17 Responses to “Video: Fabolous – Tonight + Love Come Down (Teaser)”


    coco loso


    loso coco


    RIP to the competition.

  4. Dewill Says:

    I thought that nigga Wiz Khalifa was from the West Coast

  5. Eric Mangini Says:

    5% number 1: Yo peace god I see you got the whole fam with you?

    5% number2: Yea that’s the god Shabazz, my old earth Hattie..and my Wiz..Kalifah


    Wiz Khalifa def. has that West Coast Slang/Drawl

  7. Eric Mangini Says:

    Fab is so overrated.

  8. Concise Says:

    Did that article from nymag.com pretty much expose the fraudulence going on in blog rap circles vis a vis artists like Wiz pretending to be “independent” and hiding the fact that they’re signed to major labels…all the while the machine has it’s dirty hands in the blog scene, no doubt spreading that societal lubricant money around to help generate these artificial buzzes

  9. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    11:44 AM
    sexxyazz.e.v.e: I miss u already

    Fuckin w/u now I’m sitting here & my shit is jumping -damn

    me: ha haa

    i miss you too. send me a picture evs
    11:46 AM
    sexxyazz.e.v.e: Of what??

    me: of you.

    ya pretty face.
    11:48 AM
    sexxyazz.e.v.e: Send me a picture
    11:49 AM
    me: i have none.
    11:50 AM
    sexxyazz.e.v.e: Aawww Kev ur killing me here
    11:51 AM
    me: how?
    11:54 AM
    sexxyazz.e.v.e: Cuz I want a picture of your “goods”
    11:55 AM
    me: no


    sexxyazz.e.v.e: Why??
    11:56 AM
    me: thas flagrant. i aint the zesty type to try and photog my dick girl.

    sexxyazz.e.v.e: But I thought u loved me
    11:57 AM
    me: not that much. lol

    sexxyazz.e.v.e: Whose a prude now??

    Damn dude I’m sitting here twitching
    11:58 AM
    me: me. my hammer is for knocking down walls, not for posing. aint you get a good enough look this morning?
    11:59 AM
    sexxyazz.e.v.e: No I didn’t see YOU were the one lookin @ everything

    As if u haven’t already seen every inch of me
    12:01 PM
    me: that sunlight had ya skin on HD this morning.
    12:02 PM
    sexxyazz.e.v.e: Lol

    So now you know I want my back kissed all the time like that right??
    12:03 PM
    me: so what i’ma get all the time in return?
    12:04 PM
    sexxyazz.e.v.e: Whatchu want??
    12:05 PM
    me: on demand head
    12:07 PM
    sexxyazz.e.v.e: Maybe we can work something out lol

    I must say your skills are superb these days
    12:08 PM
    You are definitely okay in my book

    me: GIGGIDY!

    12:09 PM
    sexxyazz.e.v.e: Did u really explode inside of me this morning??
    12:10 PM
    me: i would’ve put it on ya face but i know your using tea tree oil so….yeah. lol
    12:11 PM
    sexxyazz.e.v.e: Asshole ok fuck around if u want & end up wit another child……………..
    12:12 PM
    me: nah my pipe knows when ya ovulating. lol.

    but seriously doh
    12:13 PM
    sexxyazz.e.v.e: Whateva

    >yo leonard, just for you. i know how you haters run outta steam. fuel up boy!

  10. Beezy Says:

    best tape of the year, retail or mix

    Fab killin these niggas

  11. Deen Says:

    Goodness. It’s too early for this shit.

    Taylor gang or get circumcised with a rusty gillette. NHJIC.

  12. Carlos Voltron AKA NYJ SB 45 Winners Says:

    If Fab put as much effort into his mixtapes as he did albums, he’d be in the top ten consistently.

  13. Remixznflow Says:

    *blank stare at kev’s comment*

    *feels very uncomfortable*

    *exits before gunfire off all types*

  14. hl Says:


  15. Beezy Says:

    sexxyazz.e.v.e: So now you know I want my back kissed all the time like that right??


    this nigga worshipping his boo

  16. Leonard Washington aka the Silky Johnson of Nah Right=HATE! HATE! HATE! Says:

    LMFAO@Kev”FAG STACKS” not freshca dude you are so fucking lame it’s sad son…grow up

  17. Nah Right » Video: Fabolous - Tonight & Love Come Down (Behind the Scenes) Says:

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