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Video: Roc Marciano’s Marcberg In-Store @ Fat Beats

Props to Dallas Penn.

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9 Responses to “Video: Roc Marciano’s Marcberg In-Store @ Fat Beats”

  1. Shooter Says:

    Universal Forges Deal For RZA’s Kung Fu Extravaganza, The Man With Iron Fists

    sounds cool, but I’m thinking this is going straight to DVD

  2. Smear Says:

    if you have never given drake a chance, or skeptical listen to comeback season he had some good shit right there i prolly listen to that more than so far gone (which is still pretty good)

    Na I gave him a shot…yeah he can rhyme…..but so fuckin what? Dude doesn’t have a particularly enagaging[||] voice/flow/subject matter/etc.etc.
    I just don’t get it.
    I’ll take a Sean Price16 over that shit or if you talkin new jacks; FreddieGibbs or RocMarc or Curren$y or JCole …and the list goes on any day over that cunt’s nasal whine…fuckit, i’ll take Em’s nasal whine shit over Drake (and wayne too for that matter) any day of the fucking week.

  3. Smear Says:

    Not that Roc (or Currensy, or even really Gibbs for that matter) are REALLY new….but fresh out the gate yaknow!?

  4. Dee Says:

    LF: Rick Ross actually makes Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” listenable, with his remix. He really does.

  5. Charles Oakley Says:

    Ras Kass – Soul On Ice Remix (prod. by Diamond D)

  6. why? Says:

    Damn Ye has a nice house. SMH at him buying his first houses for more than a million from the money he made as a producer. I guess the dude already knew he was gonna make it as an artist though.

  7. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    “theres a lot of shit goin on up in my hood/i thank God i’m alive homie knock on wood(n)/ye’ tho i walk thru the valley of death/i know the Lord got my back w/every step/you see nothin here surprises me/i gotta whole lotta soldiers that’ll ride wit me/but Lord please give (somethin to hoooold on to!)

    i need somethin to hold, i need somethin to hold”


    sup nahkis. happy mothers day

  8. iKeepsIt100.com Says:


  9. Macson Escobar Says:

    PUSHA T solo album >

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