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dead prez – The Beauty Within


Right on time for Mother’s Day. From their upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama, dropping on June 10th. It’s called Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz. *death*

dead prez – The Beauty Within | Mediafire


Props to OnSMASH.

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14 Responses to “dead prez – The Beauty Within”

  1. Alpha Says:


  2. Alpha Says:

    dead prez is wrong for throwing 456 pic up there as the cover art though…

  3. A-King Says:

    Salute RBG!

  4. Carlos Voltron AKA NYJ SB 45 Winners Says:

    Damn she got DSLs though…

  5. Poon Sampler Says:

    Spoon-fed poon

  6. Manny Says:

    Damn didn’t know he knew about Ajuma makes a change to teh usual diluted stuff

  7. nutty Says:

    black power! raise your fists, young soldiers!

  8. b-ease Says:

    That woman is fucking gorgeous.

  9. koa29 Says:

    Anyone got a version of that Asher Roth tape (Seared Foie Gras) without the dumb DJ scratches in the beginning of every track? Almost unlistenable…

  10. real talk Says:

    Beauty within… real talk.

    Dp still drops the truth in this matrix world.

  11. Macson Escobar Says:

    Nuthin’ On U cover !!!

    good idea !!

    DP! >


  12. Joyce(Red)Evil Says:

    love this one….real rap

  13. Branson_Blunts Says:

    smoke weed everday………these ninjas still around? Dont they know the new cats only bumping wack niggas like drake

  14. Nah Right » Video: dead prez – The Beauty Within Says:

    […] first popped up nearly a year ago, shortly before Mother’s Day, as an early leak off dead prez’s Revolutionary But […]

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