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Stat Quo – 2010 (Mixtape)


Been looking forward to this all week, since they dropped that “Still D.R.E.” flip. Stat Quo’s Statlanta drops June 22nd.

Track list and download link after the jump.

1. Bingo Freestyle
2. J Newt Speaks Again
3. Jungle (Produced by Illtone)
4. Lauryn Hill feat. Stat Quo – The Hustle
5. Lemon Freestyle
6. More Explosive (Produced by Lyr1Kz)
7. Open Book (Produced by Lyr1Kz)
8. Peace (Produced by Lyr1Kz)
9. Ridin’ (Produced by Focus)
10. Right (Produced by Tone Beatz)
11. Say Somthin Freestyle
12. Story (Produced by Punch)
13. Text Me A Pic (feat. Stat Quo)
14. Venus vs. Mars Freestyle
15. Whats Up (Produced by Ty Cutta)

Download: Stat Quo – 2010 (Mixtape)

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24 Responses to “Stat Quo – 2010 (Mixtape)”

  1. Bricktop Says:

    Josh Beckett fell off
    the truth shall set you free.
    you’re free.

  2. baby jesus Says:

    smh, Ike Davis >>>>



    ^in lts honor

  4. baby jesus Says:


  5. baby jesus Says:

    cervelli who?

  6. NovemberEnd Says:

    smh @ Barajas….

  7. landlord Says:

    Barajas would be in double A ball if he was a Yankee… FACT

  8. baby jesus Says:

    Los Mets >

  9. landlord Says:

    NovemberEnd Says:

    May 7th, 2010 at 9:59 pm
    smh @ Barajas….



    lucky scrub

  10. NovemberEnd Says:

    this nigga David Robertson is doing his best Tanian Stuartze/Scott Procter impersonation

  11. baby jesus Says:

    Barajas would be in double A ball if he was a Yankee… FACT

    damn, i feel sorry for your management. cause LMAO @ francisco cervelli

  12. baby jesus Says:

    this nigga is playin better than any catcher in the game right now, fuck the bullshit.

  13. landlord Says:

    Julio Franco > Jeff Francoeur

    right now

  14. landlord Says:

    damn, i feel sorry for your management. cause LMAO @ francisco cervelli


    whats wrong with his .395 batting average and his expert handling of pitchers and elite defensive skills?… u mad?

  15. landlord Says:

    not to mention Hall Of Famer Jorge Posada, and future Hall Of Famer Jesus Montero…

  16. baby jesus Says:

    you must not be watching then, nigga. cause right now….

    Jeff Francoeur > Teixiera, Granderson, Garderner, Cervelli, Robertson, Johnson, Swisher, Thames, Winn

    check the stats

  17. baby jesus Says:

    .371 batting average btw as per newyork.yankees.mlb.com. you also forgot to mention 0 HR’s. you inflating #’s now?

    Game Winning HR’s > alleged expert pitching handling

  18. Instru-mental Says:

    Baseball is for honkeys. Anyways, how’s this?

  19. Skinny Says:

    baby jesus Says:

    Jeff Francoeur


    Actually Francoeur is not even Top 25 of at his own position. Dude is average really. I’m 3rd in my espn fantasy leauge so I pay alot of attention to different players [||]

  20. Sincere Says:


  21. Sincere Says:


  22. IN_SITE Says:

    YES looking fwd to the LP

  23. RZ Says:

    shits ill

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