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Pollyn – Still Love (Sid Roams Remix)


The subject matter of the song remains the same, but Sid Roams go in and do their thing to Pollyn‘s single for their Still Love Remixes EP. In case you’re not familiar with the production duo, Robbie over at Unkut might be better suited to bring you up to speed.

Pollyn – Still Love (Sid Roams Remix) | Mediafire


JKim says there’s another remix by Exile, so look out for that one too.

Previously: Prodigy – The Phone Tap (Welcome to State Prison) (prod. Sid Roams)

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8 Responses to “Pollyn – Still Love (Sid Roams Remix)”

  1. Illkid Mcpherson Says:


  2. b-ease Says:

    And the focus on lyrics makes him underrated when it comes to flow. He’s really good at making multisyllabic rhymes sound natural, and making words that don’t normally rhyme, rhyme.

    Word. People think they’re being impressed by his lyricism (which granted, is good, but not earth shattering)), without realizing what a large part his delivery is playing.

  3. Carlos Voltron AKA NYJ SB 45 Winners Says:


    Sup people? This heat has the plantation unbearable during the day.

  4. beatheaterhead Says:

    mega dope

  5. Black Brokaw Says:

    But I always thought JayE was overrated as a lyricist anyway.

    And the focus on lyrics makes him underrated when it comes to flow.

    ^this doesnt make any sense

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    […] Download link here: Pollyn – Still Love (Sid Roams Remix) [Via NR] […]

  7. cabdriver Says:

    Nice to hear another side to Sid Roams beats–
    These kids can do it all!

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    […] is one of those groups that would probably never, ever, cross my radar if they weren’t being remixed by Sid Roams and working with Exile and Freddie Gibbs, but they are and they do and so such is life. This is off […]

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