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Stat Quo – Ridin’ (prod. Focus)


Leading up to the release of Statlanta on June 22nd, Stat Quo will be dropping his Dr. Dre influenced mixtape 2010 on Friday.

Stat Quo – Ridin’ (prod. Focus) | Mediafire


The new formula, ask Doc
Written by yours truly, not S. Dot.


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26 Responses to “Stat Quo – Ridin’ (prod. Focus)”

  1. heroin headliner Says:

    JB > MJ

    and I don’t know what song that is Kevin, I’m not no actual RAWSE stan….

    I mean he’s alright…but he’s not real….


  2. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    ok i got it.

    rick ross “on the run”>>>>>

    props to jorges best of rawse.

  3. koa29 Says:

    ^^ Both track sucked anal juice. Eminem should just quite rapping and take a fool time job, ghostwriting for Dr. Dre’s make-believe “Detox” album…

    Ok….tell me, what’s your opinion of “good music” then?

  4. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    why nahkis always callin me by my full name? smh. kev is cool.

  5. heroin headliner Says:

    auto correct

  6. landlord Says:

    JB > MJ


    word… without James there would be no MJ… Michael’s (jackson5) earliest demos and talent show performances were him/them doing James Brown songs…

    word to ” I Got The Feelin’ “

  7. Bricktop Says:

    I’m not no actual RAWSE stan….
    Lies. Fucking lies. But you are in fact a freeway Ricky stan, so this is no big surprise.

  8. beantownbeaner11 Says:

    this is copyright infringement at its best

  9. heroin headliner Says:

    Lies. Fucking lies. But you are in fact a freeway
    Ricky stan, so this is no big surprise.
    I’ll let you tell it…..

  10. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    “i neva pacify a pessimist/past his lie is my testament/past or the present tense/they nailed jesus to the cross/my jeweler nailed the piece 30 Gs for me to floss/lord forgive me i’m a sinner/still smoking bible paper revelations getting thinner”-rawse

    i’ve been ridin to this all weekend.

  11. landlord Says:

    Trina (“baddest bitch”) says

    “I know you wanna beat it up right quick/And I was the first bitch Kobe cheated on his wife with.”


    say word?

  12. SeniorCivilian Says:

    This is kinda cool. When the beat was playing in the beginning I thought it was gonna suck, but not bad at all.

  13. heroin headliner Says:


  14. Hopp Says:

    Let’s see if this joint is any good …

  15. landlord Says:

    Written by yours truly, not S. Dot.


    nation?… you ghostwriting for Stat Quo?… say word who knew?

  16. heroin headliner Says:

    stat sucks, ayo,

  17. landlord Says:

    nevermind… my bad… i see what you did there…



    Focus did his thing on this track… i like how they did 1st verse west. 2cd south, and 3rd east. i’d like to see more of that, stat’s raps need a lil help tho.

  19. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    stats was hot in ’05-’06. these ‘on the cusp, unsigned hype’ rappers get weary faster than actually signed ones.


    It’s quite obvious that Ross has a ghostwriter, when he first came in he was’nt rapping shit that detailed . and dont say he grew and stepped his game up, that rarely happens….

  21. NovemberEnd Says:

    Stat Quo – Ridin’ (prod. Focus)
    this is sickness….

  22. PATRON JAMES Says:

    land you live on nah or something? you always on here nigga eskay better be paying you overtime

  23. Hi Hater! Says:


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