Jadakiss – The Champ Is Here 3 (Artwork)


Jadakiss x DJ Green Lantern x DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz Invasion drops tomorrow at noon.

After the jump, the three give MTV a preview of a few tracks from the tape.

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212 Responses to “Jadakiss – The Champ Is Here 3 (Artwork)”

  1. BK...Then Them Says:

    I would have never thought but currently…

    shannon browns career>chris brown career

  2. landlord Says:

    Rey (nahright) > Jose Reyes

  3. Mr. Iceberg slim Says:

    barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player that ever lived…

    this is tru, even b4 he dabbled in the designer steroids

  4. Beezy Says:

    762 career home runs and 514 stolen bases and 1,995 RBIs means nothing apparently…

    ^by all accounts he is a cancer in the locker room

  5. Joe 88 Says:

    ^^^lol nigga you act like i said props to that concussions….I was laughing at the scene..

    ^lol, I now, just a lil fustrated right now, and the jazz are gonna go down, just like the thunder tonight. (pause)

    Predicted melo stat sheet

    30-34 pts 11 rebs 4 ast

    Nuggets v. Jazz 3-3

    game 7, sunday.

  6. Beezy Says:

    do steroids make you smarter? bc Bonds brain has quadrupled in size

  7. baby jesus Says:

    Rey (nahright) > Jose Reyes

    you dont mean that

  8. baby jesus Says:

    dre (nahright) > rey (nahright)

    and sadly enough its true

  9. Beezy Says:

    nah right rey aint greater than nothing…his commenting worth is of less value than his rap knowledge

  10. Beezy Says:

    Dre lead the blog league in calorie consumption

    he wants to be eskay so bad he’s trying to assume his borderline-diabetic body type

  11. landlord Says:

    ^by all accounts he is a cancer in the locker room


    with them kinda numbers he put up, they shoulda fired the locker room then … besides, the only player he ever really had a problem with was Jeff Kent (a known redneck)… his managers Dusty Baker and Jim Leyland loved him … or so they said …

  12. Beezy Says:

    @ Land

    word…but the people he had problems with aside, I don’t think he ever really meshed with anyone. He’s an introvert who seems to have high levels of contempt for the fellow man (which I can respect, but I’m not playing team sports).

    Truthfully, had he any rings, he’d prob land somewhere. Success breeds success, and people want to be around winners. He has never been a winner.

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