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Video: Game – 400 Barz

Directed by TaydoeTV.

After the jump, the behind the scenes from the video shoot.

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5 Responses to “Video: Game – 400 Barz”

  1. 808 Says:

    …..he’s claimed to be Pippen instead of Jordan and the turtle instead of the rabbit . . . . . does Game know that both are second fiddle ?

  2. Joyce(Red)Evil Says:

    ^^ ^^
    yeah….I think its called being self aware……naahh mean

    The Game>>50 Cent Tha Sellout Monkeyboy

  3. VVho Says:

    the end when the white dude sits next to him and he nudges him is funny as hell

  4. Suvio-Blue Says:

    way too much, i wouldnt even wanna hear my fav rapper for that long! plus the screwface and the believability factor takes it down quite a few notches…and im noticein how he stealin niggas topics too

  5. west one Says:

    THE GAME is the greatest fan of hip hop real talk.. he just happens to rap

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