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Jae Millz – The Flood Continues (Mixtape)


Features/production from Lil Wayne, Vado, Dame Grease, I.N.F.O. & more.

Download link + tracklist after the jump.

1. Intro (Sugar Hill)
2. Crown (Produced by Bizness Boi)
3. Countin’ Money (Produced by Cashous)
4. Window Seat
5. Verbal Intercourse
6. Gudda Gudda Speaks
7. In This World
8. Pussy Niggaz Freestyle (feat. Lil Wayne)
9. Ha Ha
10. Take Me There (Snippet) (Produced by I.N.F.O)
11. Polo Louie Gucci
12. I’m Ill (feat. Vado)
13. One Thing (Produced by Dame Grease)
14. Rude Gurl
15. Tell Me (feat. Shanell)
16. I’m Back
17. Where My Homies (Produced by Dame Grease)
18. The Graveyard (Snippet) (Produced by Dame Grease)

Download: Jae Millz – The Flood Continues (Mixtape)

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12 Responses to “Jae Millz – The Flood Continues (Mixtape)”

  1. Skywalker Says:

    These fucks are talking about legalizing marijuana, & want me to sign a petition. I sell weed why would I want it to be lagalized? If it is legalized what will I do? get a job to work as a slave for someone, LOL!

  2. Shogun Says:

    Skywalker’s comment >> This mixtape

  3. Macson Escobar Says:

    skywalker izza dreamer

  4. SilkCityP Says:

    @ Skywalker… If they legalize homey, not only will your profits go up, but even more importantly you don’t have time in the box always looming over your head… Cali will be the 1st state to do it! Most dudes that push green, sell that P-Noid or average shit… but if they legalize, than you could become a grower, and grow that A-1 class of green!

  5. D-Assassin Says:

    nice shit millz!

  6. NOLAIS504(uptown) Says:

    shit goes, the production on this shit is def noteable

  7. Nut$ Says:


  8. Nut$ Says:


  9. Hi Hater! Says:

    10 years in the game and he’s still aint shit

  10. GMZ804 Says:

    is there a flood if no one drowns…..kinda like does a tree fall if no one hears it…

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