Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Everytime


Uni5: The World’s Enemy drops next Tuesday. Props to Young Kingz

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Everytime | Mediafire


Previously: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – See Me Shine (Video)

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22 Responses to “Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Everytime”

  1. lil mane young Says:

    no thanks.

  2. senor spaceley Says:

    ^^^ what he said

  3. lil mane young Says:

    “Fozzie’s Last Laugh”

  4. CHILE ! Says:

    wacka wacka wacka WACKKK!!

  5. PW Says:

    There was one night we were at Guru’s house. I was about three months pregnant at the time. Guru kept defending himself. Guru actually stood up and kind of got in Solar’s face about it. Next thing I know, Solar punched him in the face. From that point in time, he just started kicking him and hitting him. Guru was fighting back, he wasn’t just sitting there being a punk, but at the same time, Guru had severe asthma. He didn’t have his inhaler. He started really hyper-ventalating and really having a hard time, and Solar kept beating him. It wasn’t a fight anymore, it was beating him. I felt that it was so bad that I got in between the two of them and broke it up, because I knew he wouldn’t hit me of course. At that point in time, I was pregnant with his child.

  6. PW Says:

    I saw [Guru] punched in the face numerous times with no provocation. It [would just be] that he’d get upset with something Guru would say and punch him in the face. I know he knocked a tooth out of Guru’s. I know he gave him a black eye [so Guru would] have to wear glasses for photo-shoots and concerts. To listen to [Solar] talk to [Guru], you’d think he was talking to a child sometimes. Guru would tell me how bad that hurt him. He’d say, “Back when we were just friends, he never would have spoken to me this way. He always treated me with respect. Now that we’re doing this record label, he has no respect. He treats me this way.”

  7. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Phoenixxx these fellas are the Holy Trinity

  8. Shooter Says:

    that Solar dude is a delusional motherfucker

  9. Bricktop Says:

    JihaD Says:

    April 28th, 2010 at 12:37 am
    You ever heard of Fozzie Bear from Muppet Babies, that says, “Waka waka waka waka”? I got that. That’s my new shit.


    *kisses wife goodbye*
    *Wanders Houston*
    *Finds gas station*
    *douses self with gasoline*
    *screams OLEDOIT!!!!*
    *lights match*
    *does stanky legg until heart gives out*


    wow. thank you for the visual. legendary.

  10. 40 Inc Says:

    Afeni Shakur Arrested for drug posession

    ^ this cant be life

  11. lil mane young Says:

    Afeni Shakur Arrested for drug posession

    ^ this cant be life

    ^it was only weed,
    pac was open about him smoking, that shits on youtube with him rolling a blunt tutorial

  12. Psicomagia Says:

    This guru debacle is some bugged out movie shit

  13. lil mane young Says:

    FRANK WHITE notorious thugs >

  14. CHILE ! Says:

    somebody need to stomp the shit outta that nigga Solar fo’real

  15. pulse Says:

    lol @ this dropping after I just *died* listening to that Bizzy Bone interview on worldstar…like when did that happen?

  16. 40 Inc Says:

    Trying to give me the fingers like giving a spider the web
    Im just gonna spin it and use it to my advantage
    I catch a fly in that bitch, you think you fly, you just food
    I give as much of a flying fuck as that Superman dude
    Using the 3 different meanings of “fly,” in this way was absolutely ridiculous.. Em, you are the fucking man

  17. 40 Inc Says:

    I came to cock block like a square fuckin a chicken”

  18. 40 Inc Says:

    “Get as rowdy as Roethlisberger in a bathroom stall.”

  19. Shooter Says:

    *late pass*

    that Airplanes 2 song people were hyping is terrible

  20. CHILE ! Says:

    Shady’s back..and wtf on people hatin on him, i mean not many rappers keep the same lyrical level over the years specially goin that mainstream as eminem, give him his props

  21. Hopp Says:

    that Airplanes 2 song people were hyping is terrible


    lol I can see “bad”, but terrible ? You really think it comes down to that level ?

  22. Danbury Says:


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