Eminem – Despicable Freestyle


Over Drake’s Over and Lloyd Banks & Juelz Santana. Props to RR.

Eminem – Despicable Freestyle | Mediafire


Keep blogging while I mind-boggle

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69 Responses to “Eminem – Despicable Freestyle”

  1. NovemberEnd Says:

    I enjoyed the Murder INC era (99-01)….you could enjoy the music without nitpicking every flaw in the songs…

  2. NOLAIS504(uptown) Says:

    @ NovemberEnd

    right, but now standards has been set for some reason.

  3. koa29 Says:

    Dope…i don’t think anyone can say they’re not looking forward to Recovery.. the 3 features he just murdered (Forever, Drop The World, Airplanes Pt. 2) and now this …

    Em’s back.

  4. herbsaac Says:

    # ridalen Says:
    April 27th, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    I’m honestly sick of Em using this flow.

    This is why I like Relapse so much.. Em uses these flows to perfection.. I mean really you hate this? this song warning drop the world and forever are this flow.. and your sick of it.. not only 5 dope verses.. but only 5 songs.. maybe a whole cd of it.. and thne listen to it 10-20 times like all other em albums.. and i could see it getting old.. but not until after that

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  6. Hi Hater! Says:


  7. koa29 Says:

    “keep bloggin like i mind-boggle and i zone like i’m in the twilight dog, get off my bone this is my mic dog and i like hoggin it”

  8. GO GO GO Says:

    Eminem = G.O.A.T.

  9. g Says:

    fuck yeah

  10. dockevoc Says:

    rza did the ‘all i need’ beat…maybe gotti did the ‘puff daddy remix’ without the credit, but not the OG

  11. restlessbx Says:

    Em fucking obliterated this freestyle. Jesus Christ. There are mad quotables on this. This is fucking maniacal.

    Anyone dropped near June needs to relax, seriously. NOBODY is fucking this man when hes rapping like this, white, black, octaroon, I could give a flying fuck. White boy is the fucking truth.

    Sorry… freestyle got me a lil amped… 6/5 for lack of a better description.

  12. Guilty Ghosts Says:

    em is a fuckin monster.

    and wtf, i hate that people write about the wrong post. pet peeve!

  13. ... Says:

    welcome to nahright. thats all these niggas do is talk about random shit off topic

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  15. Skywalker Says:

    This shit sucks! Eminems flow is the sloppiest in the history of rap and his voice is like scratching nails on a chalk board.

  16. B Says:

    I don’ t know many times I just said ‘damn’ listening to this…

  17. mailman Says:

    fuckin monster.

  18. matthew Says:

    skywalker has to be like the huuugest loser.

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