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Photo: Charles Hamilton x Jim Jonsin


The man who’s looking for half a million dollars from an incarcerated Lil Wayne produced the first official single from Charles Hamilton’s new situation, entitled “Gaucho.” It’s finished and will be released a week from Tuesday.

Bonus: Charles Hamilton – Choices (A Wave For Alex) | Mediafire

More background on this particular song available on Chuck’s blog.

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5 Responses to “Photo: Charles Hamilton x Jim Jonsin”

  1. Hopp Says:

    Even Eminem, from what I heard, is looking from Jonsin’s help … I wonder if it’s just the regular pop-friendly sound that he has of if he’s on some other shit right know that I don’t know nothing about.

  2. Hopp Says:

    I know nothing about > I don’t know nothing about

  3. HA Says:

    i hated this guy at first but i fuck wit charles man!

  4. Moose Says:

    this is DOPE…fuck haterz

  5. Wakher Flocko COIS Says:

    @nahright staff: the usershare link appears to be corrupted, at least thats what my comp warns about before i could even open it.

    i cant stand listening to chuck talk or blog, but this is a solid track.

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