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Video: YelaWolf Interview w/ Maurice Garland Pt. 4

In the final installment of Mr. Garland‘s sit down with him, YelaWolf discusses his time in Alaska, the beginning of his rap career, as well as his brief stint on Missy Elliott’s “Road To Stardom” reality show.

Previously: Part 3 | Part 2 | Part 1

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6 Responses to “Video: YelaWolf Interview w/ Maurice Garland Pt. 4”

  1. Patron James Says:

    john gruden QB interviews >>>

  2. lil mane young Says:

    yelawolf > TI

  3. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    They did Storch dirty in that write up.

  4. kevKONGquistador Says:

    I’m assuming you’re saying why didnt any Brooklyners go out west and murk somebody? Maybe, for once, cats actually had too much respect for BIG to start some bull. I’m sure there were a few hamfist type cats who did go all the way out Cal-I-For-Ni-Ay though.
    Shit, if Pac had got slain in BK, that would have started a crazy beef.

    no shots. But niggas in the US ain’t have it like that to go out there wylin at any capacity. Both coast were hot and we we’re just getting accustomed to each others stee. Big rhymed like he was a vagabond like JE but was a west Indian immigrant from BK. nuff said. everybody chilled cause they knew bigs death meant the win for the rivalry. Real talk. Cause no matter what niggas think, PAC was nice, but he knew he wasn’t nice as big.

    If you look at western flicks, tell me that ain’t how turf wars go.

  5. kevKONGquistador Says:


    Look at this nigga eng country…..

    Dizzie rascal?

    No wonder he love big. His options in trendy hip hop is more scarce ova there.

    Dizzie rascal my nigga?

  6. Nah Right » Video: YelaWolf Interview w/ Maurice Garland Pt. 5 Says:

    […] Previously: Part 4 […]

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