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Video: Blu in the RECroom

Blu lays a verse that will appear at some future date on the Dag Savage (Johaz & Exile) collaboration album.

Spotted @ 2DB

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14 Responses to “Video: Blu in the RECroom”

  1. 456 Says:

    hol up, so wtf is stimpy supposed to be? serious question

    ^a cat

  2. landlord Says:

    speaking of Gino… how is it fair that a dude coaches the broads’ squad?… no wonder they won 78 in a row… i could outcoach a bunch of old dykes too… WTF?… that aint fair, and its not very manly of Gino to parlay as such … he aint even looking for no mens job or no NBA gig… this nigga just satisfied with beating up on chicks for living…. thats not very nice either …

    im out … peace to all …

  3. baby jesus Says:

    that nigga wasint no cat, fuck the bullshit.

  4. baby jesus Says:

    word gino is on some other shit, this nigga is perfectly fine competing with pat summitt for as long as he lives.

  5. 456 Says:

    Ren is a scrawny “Asthma-Hound” Chihuahua with a fairly long, rat-like, pink tail. Martin “Dr. Toon” Goodman of Animation World Magazine described Ren as “scrawny,” “dyspeptic,” [1] and “violently psychotic.”

    Stimpy is a red and white, rotund Manx cat with a blue nose, purple eyelids, no tail, human-style buttocks, flat feet, and a brain the size of a peanut (despite some intelligence, such as cooking and inventing; he is also a talented musician, can read extremely well and has some other knowledge such as monetary counting and knowing that pork fat floats on beans).


  6. Dewill Says:

    Fuk bron bron and his sunroof Afro.. He got his whole team lookin lame as he’ll with those 5th grade handshakes and shit.. It’s all fun and games and imaginary pics on the sideline until yo ass get put out the playoffs by the magic again.. Then it’s walkin off with no handshakes at all.. Until that nigga hits clutch shots time and time again and wins a ring he can’t be better than Kobe.. Anybody can score when the game isn’t on line..

  7. baby jesus Says:

    say you knew that shit prior to wiki’n it. FOH

  8. baby jesus Says:

    stimpy look like more of a dog than ren does.

  9. Dewill Says:

    Hell > he’ll

  10. spirit equality Says:

    blu is the s**t on the mic, point blank period.

  11. 456 Says:

    say you knew that shit prior to wiki’n it. FOH

    ^i knew ren was a chichihuahua but who the fuck knew what stimpy was? i put him on the goofy pile cause i don’t know what goofy is either…

  12. Shawty S.O. Says:

    Blu ripped that!! It’s wack that it’s not his joint tho..

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