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French Montana feat. Waka Flocka – Hard In The Paint


So the story behind this track is that French recently signed a management deal with Debrah Antney, who is Waka Flocka’s mom but also his, Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman’s manager. This record was the product of them inking that deal. Incidentally, Debrah used to also manage Nicki Minaj before she recently signed with Diddy. This song also made me realize that I actually didn’t know what Waka Flocka Flame sounded like on wax. I might have to sit down and re-evaluate my life priorities right now.

French Montana feat. Wacka Flocka – Hard In The Paint | Mediafire

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13 Responses to “French Montana feat. Waka Flocka – Hard In The Paint”

  1. FUPM618 Says:

    Smh…….rap fell off……this is garbage…….

  2. hip hop cops Says:

    it seems like every time the south produces someone new i have to say this, but this time i really, truly mean it… waka flocka flame is the worst rapper i have ever heard on a commercial release.

    i mean just terrible.

  3. Crackavelli Tha Don Says:

    Back in my lurkin days I had a question and I just realized I still have it…why do yall like Max B so much? I’m not slanted any direction, im just curious (n).

  4. Ace Says:



    GATTTDAMN, this nigga corny AND cant rap. Fuckin Gabbage.

  6. tenacious Says:

    No disrespect to Waka but damn I don’t know how the mainstream is really feeling this type of shit.

  7. Instru-mental Says:

    Is this guy even black?


    Instru-mental Says:

    April 19th, 2010 at 6:58 pm
    Is this guy even black?


    this comment was so left field

  9. Jewtino Says:

    Thiis might be the worse thing on the internets.

  10. Macson Escobar Says:

    u like something ignorant ish sometimes
    it’s ya lil secret pleasure
    but u like dope ish too forilla
    and plus u love NYC
    so u cant be mad
    about Max B !
    Biggavel >

  11. the TK 781 Says:

    HEY!!! O lets not do it

  12. French Montana – “Hard In The Paint” feat. Waka Flocka - LV,GUCCI,CHANEL,ARMANI,DIOR… - Luxury Insider Says:

    […] nahright hopfeed_template=””; hopfeed_align=’LEFT’; hopfeed_type=’IFRAME’; hopfeed_affiliate_tid=”; […]

  13. SEANROSS88 Says:

    oh my god this is the worse collaboration ever the worse rapper from the east coast and the worse rapper from the south hip hop is dead.

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