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Video: Shyheim – My White Roomate (Skit)

“It’s fucking cantaloupe!!”

Although that looked like a honey dew to me.

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6 Responses to “Video: Shyheim – My White Roomate (Skit)”


    my NIGGER roommate (does not pay rent, sleep all day, Broke the PS3) > my WHITE roommate (pays rent, Works 2 jobs, Buys drinks & weed 4 the house) (ll)

  2. mcb Says:

    I know that kid (white rooomate).

    Adam Goldberg, he does comedy, that’s his name. Boston, ma

    Damn little dude made it on this website hahaa, did not expect that. Good for him.

  3. William M. Holla Says:

    Congrats on getting a flip cam and learning final cut. In no time you’ll be making less hackier videos. Shyheim rapper > Shyheim comedic actor.

  4. PAX Says:

    How come ppl dont comment on this post.


    They must all be white roomates. People like to laugh at Blacks,Hispanics or Asians, don’t hate on this vid that shit was hilarious.

  5. VEe! Says:

    chuckle . . . This is kind of funny but I’m wondering how short would be viewed if it was “My Puerto Rican-Dominican-Korean-Jamaican-Mexican or Brazilian Roomate.”

  6. loy Says:

    Shy is a living legend in Hip Hop.. People forget very quick..
    He’s doing his thing since 15-16, not many other rappers can say the were good enough to release an album at that age.. & he still up there allot better than most..
    but i suppose most people are ino the jiggy happy meaning less bling crap

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