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Video: Gemstones Interview w/ GWHH Radio

Gemstones hits up the GWHH (GoWhereHipHop) show on 89.5 in Chicago.

A few weeks ago, GemStones was our featured guest on our radio show at Vocalo 89.5 FM and above you can watch the video highlights of our in-depth interview. For the first time since his comeback track “My Hood”, GemStones opens up live on-air about the record, upcoming projects and endevours like On The Road To Glory: My Story, his spiritual connection when he is writing, how he got into the rap game in the first place, and some general thoughts on the Chicago hip hop scene and music industry. Watch the video above as Gem drops some insight and personal experiences growin’ up in the scene. Below, you can listen to our full show where we talk about Chicago hip hop artists getting radio play amongst other topics of the 2nd week that was in April. And finally, you know how to check us out LIVE. We will be in the Navy Pier studios comin’ up at 11:20 and you can stream it above @ Vocalo.org. Shouts to Dat Bizness who came through and makes a cameo. More music from GemStones and Dat Bizness to come soon! Enjoy!

Previously: Gemstones – My Hood

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14 Responses to “Video: Gemstones Interview w/ GWHH Radio”

  1. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    someone get this mp3 outta here…i can’t access the site.

  2. baby jesus Says:


    try that

  3. baby jesus Says:

    wait….dont try that

  4. JDS just looks at her, looks at her... Says:

    Does jeezy really cop ki’s…..
    Does fifty truly contract killers from Connecticut….
    Did khalifa fornicate with your female…

    RAWSE gave y’all Super High…yet y’all scrutinize….

    That’s actually a good point.


    it seems like it on paper but when you really think about it, unless you were a gullible one as a snot-nose, there has always been a silent understanding between rappers and the listener that there is a difference between who they are in their lyrics, and who they are in real life.

    authenticity as a base [often times because they grew up in the slums]


    the ability to weave marvelous tales [coke or otherwise]


    a sprinkle of flasiness or allure [money, bitches, etc.]


    a dope rapper

    … this has always been the formula. We know Raekwon has never bodied an italian nigga named Mike Lavognia, but we accept it because we know the difference between Corey Woods & The Chef.

    Ross seems to believe his lies, and plays them up outside of his music and thats where the debate starts.

  5. baby jesus Says:

    yo d_block latino


  6. baby jesus Says:

    yo dont try that one either

  7. Shooter Says:

    Whatever happened to FnF?

  8. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Roffle @ Baby Jesus

  9. joffe jo Says:

    damn that ball and g song is hard as hell takin that shit back to space age pimpin days what you niggas know about that

  10. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    I think i found it..

  11. hl Says:

    Whatever happened to FnF?

    I honestly never knew who FnF was when he mentioned him on his mixtapes. Is that like Ill Will records?

  12. baby jesus Says:


    iight, this one

  13. hl Says:

    *when he mentioned THEM*

  14. NovemberEnd Says:

    FnF = Blackwallstreet/Czar Entertainment

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