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Lloyd Banks – Un-Thinkable Freestyle


Alicia’s Drake-written/40-produced single is turning into the instru of the month… some turn out great, some are horrible.

Lloyd Banks – Un-Thinkable Freestyle | Mediafire

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9 Responses to “Lloyd Banks – Un-Thinkable Freestyle”

  1. Hi Hater! Says:


  2. the TK 781 Says:

    budden on this beat>banks

    better most resent mixtape Bank$>budden

  3. Skywalker Says:

    What is he saying? Damn Lloyd Banks is mumble mouth, he sucks.

  4. Skywalker Says:

    Lloyd Banks A.K.A. Mumble Mouth

  5. k-rob Says:

    get better speakers, the dude just dont sound like them autotune young money niggas. listen to the lyrics and leave the homo voice analysis to the ladies

  6. legindary Says:

    mouse over banks all day on this. not even close either. budden shoulda rapped for like 7 minutes on this one too

  7. Sparx............ Says:

    Ain’t nuthin’ special bout this song or beat. Banks did his thang but the beat boring. Fuck drake.

  8. Nah Right » Lloyd Banks - Funkmaster Flex Live Freestyle (4/14) Says:

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  9. Mac Says:

    @Sparx … What the fuck are you on? The beat is crazy, especially when you got someone who can actually flow on it – I ain’t even gonna Ed Love you , I’m just gonna tell ya Get The Fuck Outta Here With That Bullshit

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