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Sha Stimuli – Turntables

Some new Sha Stim that might end up as part of his Overtime series.

Sha Stimuli – Turntables

Spotted via 2DB

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5 Responses to “Sha Stimuli – Turntables”

  1. GMFB Says:

    first. Fuck. Really thought Dre would deliver.

  2. Cashmere Cavalli aka Debonair Cavalier Says:

    Shyne’s single is suppose to drop monday….watch that get delayed

  3. Els Says:

    Listening to Fahrenheit 1/15 Parts I, II and III>>>>>

  4. jay Says:

    they said “a reliable source” said it was coming soon. they didnt say Dre said that. or Iovine. or Aftermath. Dre said within the next two weeks, soooo fuck this “reliable source” bullshit. fans got played…

  5. Nah Right » Sha Stimuli - Thee Apology Says:

    […] Previously: Sha Stimuli – Turntables […]

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