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Video: CNN Interview w/ ThisisCurtis

Nore and ‘Pone talk to Team Boo Boo about how they met, the Queens rap scene, their first deal (“My mother died with the money that I paid to get her hair done from my record deal, she died with that hairstyle my nigga”), the poor promotion they got when they were on Tommy Boy, Whoo Kid, working @ Bearsville with the Trackmasters and the new album.

Previously: Capone-N-Noreaga feat. Raekwon – The Reserves (prod. Tha Bizness)

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13 Responses to “Video: CNN Interview w/ ThisisCurtis”

  1. Yeah Right Says:

    FUCK Dr. Dre. When “Under Pressure” drops, I hope it does Ray J. numbers on iTunes.

  2. nestle snipes Says:

    Nore is a real dude…he used to protect Nas….

    then Nas shitted on him…..

    Nas always ducking suge knight…

  3. Hyperbole Says:

    Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman > Dr. Dre

  4. nestle snipes Says:

    Capone washed up….that stint in the bing did him wrong…

  5. CZ Says:

    A slore>>Nore

  6. Troyvul Says:

    Dr Scholes > Dr. Dre

    Dr Nick > Dr. Dre

    Dr. Jackson > Dr. Dre

    Dr Manhe > Dr.Dre

  7. Troyvul Says:

    Dr. Jew > Dr.Dre

  8. moresickaMC Says:

    lol@ ppl still hatin on Dr.Dre

    i’m over the hate.

    u & i know you’ll be coppin Detox. so dont lie 2 yrselves.

  9. Ghost Writer Says:

    Dr. Giggles > Dr. Dre

  10. Rome Says:

    I’m gonna dedicate my life to shitting on that Detox album & the Dr. Dre legacy.

  11. Tong Po Flo Says:


  12. BrokenEmpires Says:

    Come to think about it. The first time I heard of 50 Cent was when he did that record with Noreaga. I used to listen to nothing but Mobb Deep and CNN back then.
    It’s fucked up how 50 never did a record with them to give them some lime light again.

  13. Nah Right » Video: CNN Take Over Queens Says:

    […] Previously: CNN Interview w/ ThisisCurtis […]

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