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Deen ft. Crooked I – Airwolf (My Chopper)


Yo they just brought it back with this song title. I completly forgot this show ever existed.

Deen ft. Crooked I – Airwolf (My Chopper)

The beat (by Asar) is cool, it’s on some 80’s synth shit, but they should have just straight up sampled the show’s theme:

Off Deen’s upcoming mixtape, Ruled By Shadows, hosted by DJ Skee.

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52 Responses to “Deen ft. Crooked I – Airwolf (My Chopper)”

  1. Dewill Says:

    Doogie Howser M.D. > Dr. Dre

  2. Hyperbole Says:

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta > Dr.Dre

  3. CZ Says:

    dr. seuss>>Dr.dre

  4. Harlem World Says:

    Airwolf was the hardest show out.

  5. atcq aka Kick ButtOWWWski Says:

    Airwolf looks like a cool ass show

  6. PW Says:

    Where’s the Jay-Z song?



  7. nation Says:

    Conrad Murray > Dr. Dre

  8. Hyperbole Says:

    Funk Dr. Spock > Dr. Dre

  9. Harlem World Says:

    Kat Stacks > Dr Dre

  10. CZ Says:

    Dr. martens>>Dr.Dre

  11. Harlem World Says:

    Dr Nick > Dr Dre

  12. CZ Says:

    Dr. Katz>>Dr. Dre

  13. Hyperbole Says:

    Dr. Katz>>Dr. Dre


  14. Yeah Right Says:

    Dr. Quest > Dr. Dre

  15. Beezy Says:

    Funk Dr. Spock

    ^I thought it was Funk Doctor SPOT….which is right?

  16. atcq aka Kick ButtOWWWski Says:

    Dr. Quest > Dr. Dre


  17. Yeah Right Says:

    Dr. Hibbert > Dr. Dre

  18. Hyperbole Says:

    Dr. Jack Ramsey > Dr. Dre

  19. Da Partystarter Says:

    Dr. Zhivago>Dr. Dre

  20. Yeah Right Says:

    Dr. Venture > Dr. Dre

  21. CZ Says:

    Dr. martin luther king jr>>>Dr.Dre

  22. Da Partystarter Says:

    Dr. Detroit> Dr. Dre

  23. nestle snipes Says:

    tom cruise in top gunn >>

  24. Harlem World Says:

    Dr Seuss > Dr Dre

  25. Da Partystarter Says:

    Dr. Feelgood>Dr.Dre

  26. Da Partystarter Says:

    Dr. Ice>Dr.Dre

  27. atcq aka Kick ButtOWWWski Says:

    Dr. Pepper > Dr Dre

  28. nestle snipes Says:

    light skin is back…

  29. Harlem World Says:

    Dr Zoidberg > Dr Dre

  30. atcq aka Kick ButtOWWWski Says:

    Dr Kavorkian > Dr Dre

  31. Da Partystarter Says:

    Dr. Kervorkian> Dr. Dre

  32. why? Says:

    Dr. Doogie Howser > Dr. Dre

  33. Yeah Right Says:

    Dr. at Pinky’s Free Clinic >>> Dr. Dre

  34. Hyperbole Says:

    Dr. Dre from, ” Ed lover & Dr. Dre” > Dr. Dre

  35. Da Partystarter Says:

    Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard> Dr. Dre

  36. atcq aka Kick ButtOWWWski Says:

    Dr. Chang > Dr Dre

  37. Hyperbole Says:

    Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable . Dr. Dre

  38. Da Partystarter Says:

    Dr. House> Dr. Dre

  39. Yeah Right Says:

    Dr. Greenthumb > Dr. Dre

  40. nestle snipes Says:

    dr. drew >

  41. Thursday Says:

    Dr. Carter > Dr. Dre

  42. CZ Says:

    Doc Rivers>>Dr. Dre

  43. Beezy Says:

    Doc from Back to the Future > Doc Dre

  44. Thursday Says:

    Dr. Oz > Dr. Dre

  45. Hyperbole Says:

    Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde > Dr. Dre

  46. JDS just looks at her, looks at her... Says:

    why do niggas think that track is dropping today??

    Dr. Dre Says “Under Pressure” In Two Weeks, “Detox” This Year

    April 06, 2010 10:04:00 AM CDT | by Jake Paine

    Lastly, less than 24 hours after revealing the name of his Jay-Z assisted single from Detox, Dr. Dre revealed a timetable for his fans. “Hopefully we’ll be releasing [‘Under Pressure’] in the next two weeks or so. I’m definitely gonna be puttin’ [Detox] out this year. Finally. I think everybody’s gonna be happy with it,” said Dre of the album that’s been nearly a decade in-the-making.

  47. CZ Says:

    Lil Zane>>Lil Wanye

  48. why? Says:

    Dr. Jekyll > Dr. Dre

  49. PW Says:

    Doc Holiday > Doc Dre

  50. Hyperbole Says:

    Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman > Dr. Dre

  51. BEZ Says:

    What about Dr. Phil?

    Airwolf was the sh*t. What the hell is an AIRWOLF anyway and what would it look like if it were a real animal?

  52. BrokenEmpires Says:

    # CZ Says:
    April 9th, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Lil Zane>>Lil Wanye
    whats the story on zane. to me he just dropped off the planet.
    last time I heard him was on that next friday soudtrack.

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