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Young Buck – Headphones

Another one off Back On My Buck Shit Vol. 2.

Young Buck – Headphones

Previously: Young Buck – Bike Night

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10 Responses to “Young Buck – Headphones”

  1. Slumbilical Says:

    la the darkman and bleek need to do a collab album like currensy and wiz did. as the last niccas ON EARTH rocking a fitted atop a du-rag, i think they could make magic togeva

  2. Beezy Says:

    I’m goin’ in like a Tiger Woods EAGLE

    shout out to the 8th hole, no homo

  3. LaneKiffin*CainSniffin*LaneSwitchin Says:

    la the darkman is the worst rapper ever…discuss

    na that Heist Of The Century was ill. Of course the Wu sound was more relevant back then but he definitely did his thing. I wont speak on his new shit tho lol

  4. Tiger Woods Says:

    thanks Beezy, you that dude.

    these crackas gettin’ the business…no homo

  5. b-ease Says:

    Tiger Woods
    0 mins ago
    thanks Beezy, you that dude.

    these crackas gettin’ the business…no homo


  6. Beezy Says:

    Just copped my ticket to the Preakness…I pwn BALTISLORE!!!!

  7. Beezy Says:

    ughnkk…Tiger, Eagle, Birdie, 3-under

    I got a g-ball on him winning….and the odds is lovely. If he wins this tourney my 2010 uis made in the shade.

  8. DDotOmen Says:

    But the question is, are they beats by dre’s?


    […] “Headphones” is another leak off of Young Buck’s upcoming mixtape “Back On My Buck Shit Vol. 2“. Props to Nah Right. […]

  10. Nah Right » Young Buck - Til I Get Off Work Says:

    […] Previously: Young Buck – Headphones […]

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