Video: How To Have Groupies & Ruin It (JoeBuddenTV)

Says Joe:

Groupies are a very common thing while on tour, accessible to even the most incapable of men, so I’d imagine it would take a special group to turn them off…

I wasn’t there when this took place, so I had no choice but to go by hearsay, but we did take a few moments the next morning to see exactly what went wrong…… & who’s to blame…

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13 Responses to “Video: How To Have Groupies & Ruin It (JoeBuddenTV)”

  1. PW Says:

    Ive been hearing a lot of good stuff about Pac Div. What’s the big deal? Am i really losing for not listening to a single track to date?

  2. verses Says:

    @ PW Pac Div are good.

  3. Charles Oakley Says:

    Pac Div – Church League Champions = CRACK

  4. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Show = southlondon

  5. PW Says:

    Charles Oakley Says:
    April 7th, 2010 at 10:53 pm
    Pac Div – Church League Champions = CRACK
    Is that a mixtape? What’s their best body of work?

  6. Digital Scales Says:

    Daps eng landlord george

    What’s good niggas?

    Shout to Paul Mooney

  7. Charles Oakley Says:

    yeah that’s a mixtape

  8. Digital Scales Says:

    I used my ac today

    Just saying

  9. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Any rapper that puts white bitches in they video as the main “video chick” is a fucking lame.. you telling me fab couldn’t have found a bad ass black or Hispanic chick for the im raw video…he had to put a cracka bitch in there?

    these rap niggas is corney..fuck is all the fascination with white bitches about?

    i’m just saying

    white bitches is at the bottom of the totem pole..

    any race braud with a body >>>>>> a white bitch with a body

  10. T-Streets Says:

    T-Streets what they call me i never met desperate dont know lonely

  11. - keka - Says:

    fab prob aint had no bitches that day..
    -thos prop the extras the video director brought thru…

  12. agentORANGE Says:

    joe speaks the truth when he says, “what is this bullshit town? newfundland” haha

  13. Instru-mental Says:

    Black females are the main ones in more than 95% of hip-hop music videos I would figure, what a stupid thing to bitch about. Anyways, Charles Hamilton came through with one of the most meaningful tracks this year a day or two ago, smh at nah for not posting that shit up.

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