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Video: 50 Cent Speaks Out On Censorship Double Standards

50 talks to MTV UK about double standards the music networks have when they censor music videos. He was particularly amazed with how much Lady Gaga & Beyonce got away with.

“The ‘Pussy Wagon.’ I’d like to see them leave that clear and not blur it out when I make my next video and it has the Pussy Wagon in it. It’s interesting they let that fly.

…There’s actually a shot in the diner where it’s just Beyonce’s titties. It looks great. But if I had the same shot in my music video, they would make me edit it immediately. Even if I had a female talent that was a recognizable talent, they wouldn’t let that go. They’d think I’m taking advantage of a woman for marketing purposes. It’s different standards. If she’s dancing, they’ll ask me to tell the girl to not turn around in my video. That’s the whole J.Lo show! It’s interesting, the standards they place on different artists.”

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23 Responses to “Video: 50 Cent Speaks Out On Censorship Double Standards”

  1. verses Says:

    Preach Curtis! Fight the good fight against those feminist dykes.

  2. koa29 Says:

    Curtis has a very good point….Fuck censorship

    btw.. Jae Millz’s freestyle over Exhibit C from that Flood mixtape is kinda dope.

  3. 40 Inc Says:

    cause MTV is a homo network. It promots homo sexualty. its a proven fact that if u watch MTV you or ur future kids will be gay

  4. mad Says:

    i agree with 40 inc

  5. Fresh Huxtable Says:

    Curtis actually makes a decent observation here. But the result, if anything, won’t be that 50 has more freedom, it would be that Beyonce would have less.

  6. Officer Duscrom Says:

    Word to 30h!3 Don’t trust a hoe never bleeped out

  7. koa29 Says:

    Yea…but i ain’t mad about seein B’s knockas tho.

  8. Deen Says:

    Wait. When did he become 50 Cent again. I thought it was exclusively Curtis around these parts? Someone about to get fired…

  9. Fresh Huxtable Says:

    When he said something that made sense. Soon as he goes back to talking about making Euro-dance music or overusing the words “actual”, “situation,”and “agressive content,” he’ll be back to Curtis.

  10. Rome Says:


  11. edstarr Says:

    curtis has a point….

  12. Deen Says:

    Gotcha. I can nap in peace now. The man does say a ton of daft shit. Thanks.

  13. yo Says:


  14. 40 Inc Says:

    RT @FDL_: RapRadar just sent me the Dr. Dre/Jay-Z Under Pressure track, im not going to listen til Friday

    WTF^^^ rapradar was the fuckin track leak that shit!

  15. Johnny Cadelco Says:

    50 Cent has a good point.

  16. Yung Hopp Says:

    50 Cent has a good point.


    Even tho it’s true, that sentence doesn’t even sound right.

  17. Officer Duscrom Says:



    Da Band feat. P.Diddy “Bad Boy This Bad Boy That”

  18. Dewill Says:

    Hello and goodnight..

  19. PHENOMENON Says:

    I wonder how many bombs Flex will drop on Friday.

  20. verses Says:

    Jae Millz’s freestyle over Exhibit C


    That’s a good reason right there (no chingy) for censorship. At the same time though, fuck Jay Electronicafhskjfklasjdl.

    Oh and word up 40 Inc

  21. GC Says:

    does curtis think that bitching about things is what keeps him relevant?>

  22. Scholar Says:

    lol @ Freddie Gibbs…son of a cop…former Ball State University Student..turned big bad gangsta blog rapper

  23. AJPONE Says:

    Fif got a point man, i did like seein b though

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