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AZ – Freestyle

Photo: Mel D. Cole

AZ – Freestyle (Tags) | Mediafire

Props to DJ Absolut via 57thave.

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6 Responses to “AZ – Freestyle”

  1. C. Dufflebags Says:

    lol DJ Absolut, nigga’s a certified cornball. i still remember that interview with max b

  2. C. Dufflebags Says:


  3. hl Says:

    Oh wow, he going in on a DOOM beat.

  4. diyhai Says:

    city of god verse
    this is dumb old
    he was promotin’ AWOL

  5. J. Caesar Says:

    AZ always had some great songs, unfortunately he never got too much mainstream love..but he is still one of the greats

  6. p Says:

    sounds like a blend..

    either that or he’s recycling some REALLY old lines…

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