Video: Pill Disses Jae Millz For XXL Freshmen Comment

Cam’ron & Vado had plans to bring Jae Millz out as a surprise guest at XXL’s Freshman ’10 show last night, but he was arrested in Teaneck right before the show.

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71 Responses to “Video: Pill Disses Jae Millz For XXL Freshmen Comment”

  1. Bricktop Says:

    It’s time for NY to stop trying to adapt and fit in.

    Fuck that.


    where’s the tithe & offering basket?

  2. Charles Oakley Says:

    Joe budden >> Pill

    here we go….

    no, but on the real, that lame is good/great. if your depressed and wanting to listen to rap, that guy is jay-z. that beewirks track was tough, and dumb out is a classic

  3. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    here we go….
    I was just messing around lol

  4. Shooter Says:

    Drake Tells Fans to Bring “Open Mind” to “Away From Home” Tour

    the homo-sexuality begins (n)

  5. Dewill Says:

    OH SHIT!!!! I smell pussy..

  6. kufi-Smacks Says:

    @ amp who he talkin about… see another reason why i like the Pac’s, 50’s , pimp c…

    just Say Donnis,Pill,wiz… whoever you talkin about…. thats how shit gets confsued and eyes get blackened…

    we know dude got bars… but in NY who dosen’t… im saying im from the west and to me 95 % of NY rappers got bars… Nore , Ja rule, 2004 50 cent, the porn rapper from queens, i can only think of a few niggas that don’t have lyrics…

  7. SilkCityP Says:

    Millz had that YM rep make sure he didn’t get wreckless and come out his face with name directed comments, otherwise…. Nip, Jay Rock, definitely Gibbs & Pill would’ve busted his shit up…. Millz ain’t no street nigga

  8. Bricktop Says:

    Fresh Huxtable Says:

    April 1st, 2010 at 10:12 pm
    When New York did have it, the South and Midwest never hated. NY is going to have a tough time ever being back in the forefront, but if they get it together they’ll be back shoulder to shoulder.


    bullshit the south didn’t hate. i was an East coaster residing in the 3rd coast during the mid to late 90’s, and i can tell you from first hand experience that the entire south sided with the west without flinching during the East coast’s last heyday. that means that the south (like the west) absolutely hated on every single thing East coast related. fact.

  9. Skinny Says:

    Fresh Huxtable Says:

    If you can get on a winning team, you might just want to roll with that.


    What you sayin makes sense but idk… I guess it’s cuz I never been a coattail ridin nigga (no shots). Like them lame ass dudes that used to hang around the most popular nigga(s) in high school, laughin at all they jokes and shit just to look “cool” and get bitches, smh. I’d rather be a Karl Malone or a Pat Ewing than a D-Fisher…

    Pride FTW

  10. Els Says:

    Pill is pretty dope.

    Millz is just that guy who comes after Tyga on Bedrock, no one really cares.

  11. LOL!! Says:



  12. kufi-Smacks Says:

    Rap is wwe cause we let it be…

    Rick ross is a prime example…

    and on that note any nigga thats comparing Biggie to ross should die…. i mean nigga listen to get money remix, victory, Beef…

    nah it’s not wwe cause atleast they came out and said it’s scripted…. (talkin like fat kurt on the corner) this rap shit use to be real…

  13. kufi-Smacks Says:

    West hated cause you niggas never played are shit… # 1 albums got little to no play homie… \\

    and the south got no respect in NY… they Boo’d outkast…

  14. Saul Goode Says:

    folks have short term memory in this hip hop shit nowadays. If it turns into a battle it could be far more interesting than people expect, Milz may not be poppin like he used to, but he can still spit. Pill is ill too, super cocky (none) in this clip though.
    We’ll see how this pans out. Killer Mike may step in and squash it.

  15. D-Assassin Says:

    Pill came off to disrespectful on that for real. he been going hard this past year so i don’t think he should have got all deep in his chest, u seen how j cole played it, fuck it, he wasn’t talking bout me, real niggas know what he was saying, 5 of the 10 he feel, and vado should have been on there, a trill dude will say, f it, he ain’t talkin bout me, if u gettin in ya chest, then u might have to look in the mirror!

  16. Purpose Says:

    The whole shit is dumb. Is this really a conversation? An mc made a video saying that 5 out of the 10 mcs on the XXL freshman list didnt deserve to be there because his man, another MC, was left off?

    And we wonder why there is a lack of quality music…

  17. koa29 Says:

    for real tho, Millz is nice… auto-hate cuz of being on YM now, but he has joints and has had albums lined up but label politics have fucked up niggas careers for awhile now. He’s getting some convo now, and he has The Flood tape out right now, which if you fucks would take the time to download, is pretty dope.. his Angels remix is better than Bawse’s by far…not Lupes tho.. Lemonade joint is illy too….If you’ve slept on that tape til now, check it out

  18. bl Says:

    Gay Millz.. ..nice

  19. GMLLZ Says:

    I have to say that niggaz aren’t sayin anything about the boy BUT that boy PILL is next IMO….the boy flow is nice and he’s got spit…

    everybody is sleeeeeeeepin on em….

  20. MadeinMilwaukee....Since1979 Says:

    Jae Millz has bars and all, but he’s in no position to be shitting on anybody. Before the YM deal, we had forgotten he was a MC. Tell him to put his pom pom’s down and make some good music.

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