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Sene – QuarterWater(Anthem)…




via Blu’s tumbler

Sene – QuarterWater(Anthem)… | Mediafire

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8 Responses to “Sene – QuarterWater(Anthem)…”

  1. hl Says:

    This is fucking dope.

    I’m confused. Who produced this, Blu or Exile?

  2. Heroine Headliner Says:

    Lupe fiasco, pressure = dat hot shiz, we miss that loopy!

  3. strongarm Says:

    that last thread was illy. it is fuckng disgusting. i work at an elementary school as a part time tutor for 4th graders and i hear kids like 8-11 singing drake, waka flocka, nicki, kesha (if you dont know who she is you won). what a shame we got kids who should be worrying about how to do long division and riding bikes. instead they chant “brush my teeth with a bottle of jack”. how a kid gonna learn to be a responsible adult when they are constantly having all this sexual/secular shit beaten into their heads?

    “clogging and crowding little noggins with products instead of knowledge” – Blu

  4. Sham aka The Computer Puter! Says:

    More Blu less Sene

  5. hugh Says:


  6. LOL!! Says:


  7. Oh shit Says:

    This is dope shit rite here…Dope remix. Best rapper/rapper duo out.. Period!

  8. Nah Right » Sene - Reality Bites (Mixtape) Says:

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