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Video: Lloyd Banks – On My Way

Off of DJ Whoo Kid & Lloyd Banks’ The Cold Corner. Directed by Curtis.

He’s made a habit out of this, the last video was directed by him too.

Lloyd Banks’ The Hunger For More 2 is coming soon.

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11 Responses to “Video: Lloyd Banks – On My Way”

  1. Ant Says:

    Banks settin his self up right for that mext album

  2. CleanMoney Says:

    50 is not the best Director. The last video looks like trash. I’m just bein real

  3. EzPz Says:

    Yeah, super amateur shit. If they ballin so hard they should try shooting with a RED camera…

  4. OBANGA(twitter.com/obanga) Says:

    I’m rooting for the guy but looks like its gonna be the same results. Might wanna get somebody in the southern region on the track.

  5. k-rob Says:

    you dummies, this is a mixtape track and yall mentioning spending money on an internet video? wow
    50 aint rich by being stupid, this is a mixtape video clowns, get a grip

  6. k-rob Says:

    whoever dont like real rap go back to your young money, waka flocka shit!!!!
    i support real hiphop so stop hating and listen to lyrics

  7. Retalliation Says:

    @k-rob. i feel what you’re saying but this track is weak. i was just thinking to myself, would i listen to this song if i didnt know who the artist is? and the answer is no. good shit is good shit, regardless of who makes it. but this track and video is weak. granted, it’s only for the mixtape, but mixtapes prepare you for the album. you gotta have a great mixtape in order for people to want to buy your real deal. this song is a C-. it hangs on to the average grade by a thread

  8. MC Says:

    But on the contrary. The person rapping has a lot to do with the songs people listen to. On to the Next One, Lollipop, Whatever you Like, Throw it in the Bag, etc. Would ANYBODY listen to these songs if they were sung by another artist?

  9. rdawodu Says:

    I wonder why he chose to use this song because he had much better songs on that mixtape. Also, these videos he’s making are WACK! I liked the obama one, but when he pause i keep thinking my computer/internet is slow. But i suppose practice makes perfect. They are trying to keep the money in-house! Good on them!

  10. Jiovanni Johnson Says:

    He needs to pick better songs off the V% even though the lyrics are alright on this, they aint really comin too hard compared to other joints off the V5
    Video is alright, i kinda like it, especially compared to the last where he’s just rappin in front of a window
    WE REMAIN needs to be NEXT

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