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Joe Budden – Un-Thinkable Freestyle


Lack of competitors, yapping about etcetera/
Can’t tell if I’m listening to rappers or treasurers/

Joe Budden – Un-Thinkable Freestyle

Previously: Joe Budden – Hello Expectations (prod. Beewirks)

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18 Responses to “Joe Budden – Un-Thinkable Freestyle”

  1. hl Says:

    *doesn’t think about listening*

  2. Unxpekted Says:


  3. Jedi Nemesis Says:

    Joey gettin back to that Triangle Offense flow>> Just keep rappin, be quiet and put that damn camera down>>

  4. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    This nigga took my idea!

    WTF Joey?

  5. Zoo-Kwon Says:

    “Self made style, the label ain’t attach it to me”

    What style does Joey have? He dresses like Eminem.

  6. adoseofDOPENESS Says:

    ^ and Eminem has always dressed the same, hasn’t followed any trends, just been himself.

  7. YO Says:

    This nigga needs to learn to leave classics alone.

  8. rdawodu Says:

    Yes! Excited about MM4

  9. Cedric Says:


  10. Suvio-Blue Says:

    another lame one, Deck couldnt have said it better “why are u talkin likt the Morpheus of rhymes”…truth be told Ortiz will roast Joe “bitch made” Buddens

  11. 911 Says:

    Antics killed the rapstar…

    I listened to the last two budden songs posted, they were both pretty good, in the cleaning out my diary sense of things. Sadly the public relations isn’t in dude favor and probably never will be again.

  12. Rome Says:

    lol that line that Dre quoted sounds like a Shot at Fab. On that Funeral mixtape he has that song “Body Ya”

    “Shout out to my enemies
    shout out my competitors
    shout out to my mini me’s, I hope you do better bruh
    better me better you etcetera etcetera
    shout out to the followers I will stay ahead of ya”


  13. the TK 781 Says:

    now if he dosent pull anymore charles hamilton like shinanigins he’ll OK on another note 4!!!!

  14. jcole stan Says:

    Wow! ya’ll a bunch of Joe budden haters..get a life dumb fucks his music is one of the best out…go get so education so u can understand the kind if intricate things he writes that man has a complex mind…..damn i hate this world we’re in where u dumb fucks follow nothing but trends bunch of dick riders!

  15. GMLLZ Says:

    i can’t stand joe budden but the nigga is NOT garbage…if you’re sayin that you’re just hatin

  16. yaboy Says:

    dope track, once again

  17. hecktic Says:

    classic buddens

    get back to rappin you niggas tweet too much – J. cole

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