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Video: Duck Down 15th Anniversary Show @ SXSW

Real sorry I missed this. Monch went OFF.

Says Dante Ross:

I put this thing together the last few days. This video celebrates DuckDown records 15 years in business as an independent record label no small feat in the current musical climate. DuckDown continues to put forth quality music from OG’s like Buckshot, Pharoahe Monch and Sean Price to new rising stars like Kidz In the Hall. Beyond all that look at the Pharoahe Monch clip halfway through that is what we used to call rapping!

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12 Responses to “Video: Duck Down 15th Anniversary Show @ SXSW”

  1. Slumbilical Says:


    dru ha and buckshot favorite artist nate and eskay favorite commenter

  2. Slumbilical Says:

    steel millz > jae millz

  3. Slumbilical Says:

    windmillz > jae millz

  4. Slumbilical Says:

    phone billz > jae millz

  5. Slumbilical Says:

    daffodillz > jae millz

  6. DOM IZZO Says:

    run of the millz > jae millz

  7. JDS just looks at her, looks at her... Says:

    Drake’s Thank Me Later Gets Release Date: May 25th


    if there were any indication that would make me believe that the industry is trying to put a stop on the movement Distant Relatives stands for, it would be this.

  8. Tong Po Flo Says:

    placebo pills >> jae millz

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