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Pill – Lil Freak


TheEducatedVillains say to look out for the XXL Freshman’s 1140: The Overdose with DJ Drama coming soon.

Pill – Lil Freak | Mediafire

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5 Responses to “Pill – Lil Freak”

  1. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Drake’s Thank Me Later Gets Release Date: May 25th


    if there were any indication that would make me believe that the industry is trying to put a stop on the movement Distant Relatives stands for, it would be this.

    ^ Illimunati never sleeps, because sleep is the cousin of death

  2. why? Says:

    “Killa Cam dropped some hints about future projects and gave a shout out to Kanye West…After a brief update on ‘Killa Season 2,’ where both parties made their need for new girls with “big asses” pretty clear, Cam touched on rumored beef with Freekey Zeekey and reached out to Kanye West for some beats — a pretty big deal as it seems to smooth over some of Killa’s past complaints from his association with Roc-A-Fella.”

  3. Tong Po Flo Says:

    reached out to Kanye West for some beats

    ^ This should be good if only Cam doesn’t come with sub-par lyrics

  4. Fresh Huxtable Says:

    And this was a radio track:

    You ’bout to feel the chronicles of a bionical lyric
    lyrically splittin dismissin
    I’m on a mission of just hitting
    now it’s written and kitten hittin wit mittens
    I’m missing wishing man listen
    I glisten like sun and water while fishing.
    Bust the move and then swerve
    Serve words with nerve embedded I said it word
    Damn, you nerd man, you heard
    Coming from the town of Illy and alleys are
    full of Phillies and Rallys suckers get
    Silly as Sally then found in alleys, I’m rowdy really

    1-So here we go now,
    Holla if ya hear me though, come and feel me flow

    Never mixing with tricking brothers bitching
    Over fixins that ain’t fittin to be hittin.
    On nothin splittin things that’s bitten
    And gettin written off
    Like a fatter bad bladder boy ya pissing me off
    Before you even started so what
    So long see you fly by my try how else
    Could I say it when you play it try boom bye bye.
    (rpt 1, 1)

    The flow pro poetical with skills only
    A vet’ll know better know where’s
    The wetter flow that’son point like
    Decimals manhandlin new crews
    Partying with the Zoo Crew
    Looking for the pink in poo poo.
    I thought you knew too stone style is of stamina
    Jammin ta while we plannin ta jam
    We bust plus we’re the party
    Amateur damager managin damagin mics
    Men and even mannequins.
    You’re a fan again now I wanna know whose the man again?
    Naughty’s back like vertibrates word to hey-a-ho
    The way I show you pray I flow
    Steady breakin to the boogie so bang time
    To slang bang and watch all the poo tang tangs hang

  5. Cedric Says:

    This dude is just not marketable. 100 Jigs in da’ hood spit better than homie.

    PS…Leave the classic Prince songs alone please!

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