Diabolic ft. Immortal Technique – Frontlines


Militant rap. Off Diabolic’s Liar & A Thief, due out April 6th with features from Canibus, Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz.

Diabloic ft. Immortal Technique – Frontlines

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19 Responses to “Diabolic ft. Immortal Technique – Frontlines”

  1. JDS just looks at her, looks at her... Says:


    i meant in this day and age though…

  2. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    @ JDS

    My bad.

    Game is a student of the…game.

    More MC’s should respect the culture like he does.

    He’s still a tongue ring wearing poser though.

    Looking forward to The R.E.D. Album

  3. Slumbilical Says:

    ‘mortal tech > ________

  4. BroliC FontS Says:

    college co-eds….

  5. BroliC FontS Says:

    so what did I miss? that new Jay Elec video drop yet? did I miss Act V?

  6. BroliC FontS Says:

    Wont his technique die when he eventually croaks?

  7. The Killer Says:

    Peruvian cocaine (song) > Peruvian cocaine (powder)

  8. BroliC FontS Says:

    I guess the staff clocked out…must be early for the late shift. I need to switch my schedule…anyone know human resources number?

  9. BroliC FontS Says:

    Peruvian bishes > rap songs

  10. BroliC FontS Says:

    Is ciph diggy Run the II? Is he decent? [||]

    I done lost my rap knowledge

  11. BroliC FontS Says:

    *talks to self*

  12. The Killer Says:


  13. BroliC FontS Says:

    *types harder*

  14. BroliC FontS Says:

    AIte, fuck yall too…

    *grabs ball*


  15. 187Murda Says:

    That new wu massacre album is only 30 mins long WTF

  16. Van Sertima Says:

    Are you sure posting this won’t upset you’re corporate sponsorship?

  17. BrooklynBullshit Says:

    This shit is fire, old tech verse though

  18. Binh Says:

    I’m still waiting for the Middle Passage.

  19. Nah Right » Video: Diabolic ft. Immortal Technique - Frontlines Says:

    […] Download: Diabolic ft. Immortal Technique – Frontlines […]

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