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Video: Hustles with Russells (Episode 2)

This one was slightly funnier than Episode 1 but it still seems like a big ad for the RushCard.


LOL. Props to globalGrind. Spotted at Missinfo’s.

Previously: Hustles With Russells (Episode 1) (Video)

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16 Responses to “Video: Hustles with Russells (Episode 2)”

  1. horsechoker Says:

    I’m a funny ass clone!

  2. Remixznflow Says:

    did i see mims in that last post?.. wtf?

  3. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    This Is Why I’m Hot was dope though.

  4. Cypher Says:

    So this rush card is better then every other branded credit card…

  5. nation Says:

    *dead* @ that eskay story

    NR BBQ >

  6. rex hussla Says:

    Many around baseball have a place for Milton Bradley: in a corner where angry meets trouble.

    Bradley has no use for what anyone thinks. He claims his own place in the game.

    “If I was a musician, I’d be Kanye West. If I was in the NBA, I’d be Ron Artest,” the 31-year-old former Expo, Indian, Dodger, Athletic, Padre, Ranger and Cub said this week. “In baseball, they’ve got Milton Bradley. I’m that guy. You need people like me, so you can point your finger and go, ‘There goes the bad guy.”

  7. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    NR BBQ >
    Just be careful when using the rest room. Certain people drink a few imported beers & get outta control.


    *subcribe to rush card*

  9. Remixznflow Says:

    on everything.. if there ever really IS a nahright bbq… im goin…

  10. T-Streets Says:

    nahright fell off

  11. nation Says:

    >> so Track told es that Gibbs and em were in the john smoking and es STILL kicked the door open cuz he wanna pee?

    Am i missing something?

    ^ well, you’d have to understand the mind of a drunk man to get it. Meka & Shake were telling us stories of eskay threatening to punch people in the face at SXSW if they didn’t give him a bogey… LOL

  12. miltee Says:

    Pretty off topic … but when’s that R.E.D. album of Game’s supposed to come out? I’m more excited for that than Thank Me Later. Shit sounds like it’s gonna be fire

  13. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    Eskay’s an angry little fella.

  14. Macson Escobar Says:




    “supermodels”… wroummmmmmmmmmmm!

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