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Bad Seed ft. Talib Kweli & MIMS – Yankee Fitted


Bad Seed feat. Talib Kweli & MIMS – Yankee Fitted | Mediafire

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13 Responses to “Bad Seed ft. Talib Kweli & MIMS – Yankee Fitted”

  1. why? Says:


  2. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    Since Joe said on BlogTV that he’ll debate it here lets do that and feel free to add on people.

    Before I start off… Even though I don’t care for Amalgam, I said I believe Next on some things. Doesn’t mean I care for his company. i’d rather see them get screwed to see the shady deal happen. When it comes to why I didn’t say what I had to say on BlogTV.. well i did but in a short way since you can only go so far wth typing on blogtv and all the dick sucking going on made it hard to make my opinion be heard at all. Now does this mean I’m saying I’m right when it comes to my opinion.. na im not.. just basing off what i see… should i not?.. if so then joe budden fans shouldnt believe his side off the bat either.

    ok now here are my reasons.

    Reason 1 why I don’t believe Joe: The lying he does.

    Where is that lying?

    Well lets take the tough talk Joe did after the wutang situation. Many including myself believed all.

    then this video came out and even though it had a comedic twist it still sounds pretty truthful

    joe’s way of responding to that in a thread was kinda passive… never admitted he lied but he never said this interview was incorrect… and that interview had a lot of things joe twisted.

    the 2k from the kid situation… till this day joe goes so far to defend himself. why not give all details if you gonna address him at all?

    Ransom getting beat up tape… the myth.

    When it comes to music… how many times has joe lied? people change everyday.. it’s true but i guess the lyrics dont change with the time?

    there’s many more but that’s all i got for now

    Reason 2: Knowledge of Joe and Money

    From what we know joe and money have caused a lot of thing to go wrong. From losing contact with people like DJ on Point, The Klasix to putting out poor quality music.

    Reason 3: Compare the stories

    According to Next he says Joe has used a lot of the companies money.. he says he owes them the albums and all before he gets dropped which joe really hasn’t denied but says its a bs contract. Now Joe also says some believable stuff but things like the “i offered 140k” part sounds kinda iffy… not saying you broke but i could only believe a mainstream rapper could offer that amount like it’s nothin.

    ok that’s why i said i believe next, joe. I based it off my knowledge… is your argument gonna be “thats whats wrong with fans they look at thing off what they see without knowing”?.. well should it just be seen off what you think joe? if a fan of yours says fuck this and that because you tell them to and dont base it off anything else but your opinion they are smart right joe? they’re not one of us dumb fans that gathering info before stating an opinion. now im not saying you wrong but what you were responding to on blogtv was when i said “i believe next”…. which doesnt have to mean i dont believe PARTS of your story.

    at the end of the day like i said a bunch of times before i dont care for what happens to amalgam.. i’d rather see joe out there asap to get that shady deal happening.

    i had more to say but thoughts come and go for me so thats what i have for now.

    1 more thing if the 140k thing is true… why not talk this out publicly to each other.. you say you’d pay it… next says its a lie and if you give that money he’d let you go. one of you is lying.

    yes, i love a good debate….

    1. in retrospect, tough talk is pretty stupid, so i’m 2 be held accountable 4 anything i may have said…. but, as much of a joke as that whole Wu Tang/Rae incident has become.. it was a very serious issue, much more serious than a punch in the face could ever indicate, but in the end…. all was handled accordingly with no1 getting hurt so… score 1 for SH….

    2. Don’t be stupid all your life…. no1 is stealing from fans & the mere accusation is too outrageous 2 dignify….

    3. that Ran footage is right on my desktop….. another case where proving shit 2 fans really just isn’t worth the drama it would cause in life….

    4. plenty relationships go sour over $…. some people cherish it more than others…. i don’t really see your point… i’ve never robbed, stolen or scammed any of those people, or attempted 2…..

    5. another matter where the details really aren’t 2 be made public knowledge, but lemme just tell u this…. as artists, all u really have is your music & the ability 2 make it…. & labels will always try 2 pull some funny shit that normally fucks with the integrity of the music…. doesn’t really matter if u believe Next or not….. @ the end of the day, no1 is gaining from this… not the fans, not me, & no label (cuz there’s no music)… & unfortunately, sometimes u have 2 use your gift as leverage … & when ur truly artistic, that’s never something u PREFER 2 do…..

  3. Lelan Says:

    *Cosign amp*

  4. The Killer Says:

    Leave the blog entries for your blog, ain’t trying to read all dat

  5. The Killer Says:

    But, cosigning fuck budden

  6. The Killer Says:

    Rebirth sucks


    Mama mean…gasoline….she’s on fire….

    That song is hot fiyah!

  7. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    I didn’t write that shit.

    Some stan on JBTV wrote the first part & Budden responded.

    I don’t care enough about the shit to write about it.

  8. lil mane young Says:

    Rebirth sucks


    Mama mean…gasoline….she’s on fire….

    That song is hot fiyah!

    ^palabra de dios

  9. lil mane young Says:

    why does everybody act like talib is not boring.

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  12. DonnyCarson Says:

    Baaaaaaaaad Seed!!!

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