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9thmatic (9th Wonder) & Khrysis – It’s On (prod. DJ Premier)


These two rapping producers enlist the producer for their collaboration.

9thmatic (9th Wonder) & Khrysis – It’s On (prod. DJ Premier) | Mediafire

Props to Meka.

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9 Responses to “9thmatic (9th Wonder) & Khrysis – It’s On (prod. DJ Premier)”

  1. Shooter Says:

    it took the Celtics 2 years to fall off completely

  2. Brodie Says:

    Revisiting Murda Muzik right now and damn I forgot how nice Mega spit on “what’s your poison” [ll]

  3. yahright Says:


  4. shakildwz Says:

    why is 9th wonder rapping instead of producing some tracks for the upcoming little brother album?

  5. shawamar Says:

    @ Brodie…HELL YES!

    This track is Fiyah by the way..

  6. chronwell Says:

    If 9th, He’ll do like his man Rapper and turn into a fuckin beast in 5 months!

  7. chronwell Says:

    If 9th keeps rappin!

  8. StandOut FT Says:

    This shit is dope.

  9. miltee Says:

    uhh, reks used this beat on his mixtape

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